animal rights

  • Fishing Fishing
    I don't keep what I catch. I just stick a barbed hook in its face, yank it gasping from the water, rip the hook out, & then throw it back in, leaving it to wonder what kind of...
  • I Had a Feeling! I Had a Feeling!
    I had a feeling it would be dangerous to give apes that much intelligence.
  • Lab Cure Lab Cure
    Hey Einstein! How about working on a cure for insensitivity to other species?
  • Earthlings Earthlings
    EARTHLINGS is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research, and is is nicknamed “the Vegan maker” for its sensitive footage.
  • Salmonella Sandwich Salmonella Sandwich
    I'll have the cruelly-tortured-for-its-entire-life-kept-alive-with-drugs-slaughtered-inhumanely-processed-unsanitarily-and-cooked-at-very-high-temperatures-to-kill-the-salmonella-sandwich.
  • Is this the species? Is this the species?
    Human beings go on trial for crimes against the Earth.
  • She's So Cute! She’s So Cute!
    She's so cute! Would you take $100 for her? I have a jacket she'd make the PERFECT collar for!
  • Vegan Vixens Vegan Vixens
    Hollywood stars like Alicia Silverstone and Ellen Degeneres are discovering the health benefits of a meatless diet and taking on animal rights causes as they become educated about the inhumane practices at slaughterhouses across our country.
  • Daryl Hannah Love Life Daryl Hannah Love Life
    Daryl Hannah is a seasoned vegan and environmental/animal rights activist. Her video podcast series DH Love Life takes us on a fun, whirlwind adventure around the world exploring all the issues important to Daryl and to others who care about the future of the earth. Let's go!