• Lomatium dosage information Lomatium dosage information
    Dear Stephen, What form, dosage and duration of Lomatium do you recommend to bring down an increased viral load associated with Lyme?
  • Treating viruses with lyme Treating viruses with lyme
    Dear Stephen, After a year of lyme treatment, I recently tested positive for several viruses including EBV, HHV6 and varicella. Are there any herbs that can lower my viral load and help keep these viruses at bay?
  • Herbal remedies for mycoplasma and chlamydia Herbal remedies for mycoplasma and chlamydia
    I am taking an antibacterial/anti fungal herbal mix (goldenseal, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, plus a few others) and would like to know if they would have an effect on mycoplasma or chlamydia.
  • Herbs against TBE? Herbs against TBE?
    Dear Stephen, I would like to ask about any good anti-viral herb 'specific' against tick-born encephalitis (TBE).