Buhner core protocol

  • Buhner protocol effective with different strains? Buhner protocol effective with different strains?
    Dear Stephen, I was bitten in Australia. Will the protocol work for different strains?
  • Interruption in Buhner lyme herb protocol Interruption in Buhner lyme herb protocol
    Dear Stephen, I missed a few days taking the herbs on your protocol. What can I expect if I continue for the next 1-4 months on the core protocol, given that I had this slip?
  • Core protocol causes insomnia? Core protocol causes insomnia?
    Dear Stephen, I have been doing the core protocol for about 4 weeks now and have noticed that since starting the program, sleep has become increasingly difficult.
  • Taking core protocol long term Taking core protocol long term
    Dear Stephen, How long can one take the core protocol herbs at the maximum doses and not do damage?
  • Loss of taste under the 3 main protocol herbs Loss of taste under the 3 main protocol herbs
    Dear Stephen, One month after starting the herbs I lost all taste over a period of three days, however I have been feeling so much better after taking the herbs even for this short time that I do not wish to stop any of them.
  • Core herbs dosing Core herbs dosing
    Dear Stephen, Can I really shift to a maintenance dose after two months and still get a good effect, or should I proceed symptomatically, i.e., only lowering the dose after die-off symptoms subside?
  • Core protocol after antibiotics? Core protocol after antibiotics?
    Dear Stephen, Should I assume that the protocol is for anyone who got Lymes, not just recent infections? If so, should I go on the full protocol or partial?
  • Core protocol side effects Core protocol side effects
    Dear Stephen, I started on the 3 core protocol herbs about a month ago...now that I'm at 500mg of each of these 4x per day I'm getting one humdinger of a sore throat.
  • Staying on your protocol Staying on your protocol
    Dear Stephen, I am usually pretty good at staying on the regimen but once every month or two I take a break for a couple of days. I have had a few bad relapses due to this, and am concerned that the herbs only work while they are being taken.
  • High liver enzymes High liver enzymes
    Dear Stephen, I am having a problem with high liver enzymes. I am on the core protocol. I have heard a warning about cat's claw being a problem with the liver.
  • Chinese herbs Chinese herbs
    Dear Stephen, My question is about Chinese herbs: forsythia, isatis, gardenia, coptis, phellodendron, houttunya, lonicerae.
  • Coptis and Chinese bitters Coptis and Chinese bitters
    Dear Stephen, I have been using coptis and Chinese bitters. I am now ready to start the Core Protocol as well. Will there be a problem with combining these herbs?