• FOCUS ON: recovery basics FOCUS ON: recovery basics
    A work-in-progress, this is Planet Thrive's toolbox for healing - the best advice we could find for your journey toward balanced health and overflowing vitality.
  • Mudrās for Healing Mudrās for Healing
    Mudrās are a system of symbolic hand gestures and finger postures used in Hinduism and Buddhism. Some of the mudrās can be used specifically for healing.
  • Get Healthy by Getting out of Victim Mode Get Healthy by Getting out of Victim Mode
    by Connie Strasheim | "Poor me!" Yes, it's time to eat some worms. You're broke, jobless, and you have nobody with whom to cuddle at night because you're too sick to be in a romantic relationship.
  • Meaning as Medicine in Chronic Illness Meaning as Medicine in Chronic Illness
    by Sweigh Emily Spilkin | When we develop a chronic illness, our basic way of understanding the world dissolves. At least that how it feels. At least that's how it felt in my case.
  • Seven medicines Seven medicines
    Dear Susun, There are so many modalities out there. How do you determine which ones to use?
  • Six steps of healing Six steps of healing
    Dear Susun, Can you review your six steps of healing? With gratitude.