lyme antibiotics

  • Antibiotics and hearing loss Antibiotics and hearing loss
    Dear Stephen, I have some mild hearing loss from lyme antibiotics and would like to start your protocol, but first want to know if any of the herbs could damage my hearing further.
  • Transitioning from lyme antibiotics to herbs Transitioning from lyme antibiotics to herbs
    Dear Stephen, My daughter has had eighteen months of antibiotics and has made much progress but I am concerned about candida and food allergies that have recently developed.
  • Wheat germ Wheat germ
    Dear Stephen, I have lyme and also mycoplasma and have recently started with your core protocol and am working my way up. Can I add wheat germ to the protocol?
  • Weakening immunity with antibiotics Weakening immunity with antibiotics
    Dear Stephen, Do you find it effective for people to pulse herbs/antibiotics if they're not able to wean off of antibiotics?
  • Many symptoms, including mouth/eye Many symptoms, including mouth/eye
    Dear Stephen, I want to stop the antibiotics after 3 months and start taking resveratrol, cat's claw and andrographis. What else should I include in my treatment?
  • Lyme protocol maintenance Lyme protocol maintenance
    Dear Stephen, I've heard that it's recommended to stay on antibiotics until asymptomatic for 3 months, which I plan to do. How about with herbs?
  • Cryptolepis during antibiotic treatment Cryptolepis during antibiotic treatment
    Dear Stephen, Would it be advisable to try cryptolepis to treat babesia during antibiotic treatment?
  • Herbs concurrent with antibiotics advisable? Herbs concurrent with antibiotics advisable?
    Dear Stephen, I am just wondering if the protocol is intended to be used only after antibiotics are stopped, or if I can do so concurrently.
  • Cryptolepis Cryptolepis
    Dear Stephen, I've been treating Lyme for over a year now with antibiotics, and have made 85% progress. Can I take cryptolepis with antibiotics such as Ceftin? What about Flagyl?
  • Questions on your protocol Questions on your protocol
    Dear Stephen, I've been fighting lyme for three to four years. What can I take to help deal with the cognitive issues with lyme? Also I have chronic candida, should I just try the tincture you mentioned?
  • Core protocol after antibiotics? Core protocol after antibiotics?
    Dear Stephen, Should I assume that the protocol is for anyone who got Lymes, not just recent infections? If so, should I go on the full protocol or partial?
  • Core protocol and antibiotics longterm? Core protocol and antibiotics longterm?
    Dear Stephen, I would like to know whether you have any experience in having patients use your core protocol along with antibiotics long term. Are there any contraindications?
  • Andrographis and antibiotics Andrographis and antibiotics
    Dear Stephen, I understand andrographis contains calcium and calcium interferes with the absorption of Doxyclycline. Is it counterproductive to be taking both at the same time?
  • Stephania tetrandra okay with antibiotics? Stephania tetrandra okay with antibiotics?
    Dear Stephen, Is it okay to take stephania and maybe all of the core protocol with cefalosporins and tinidazole?
  • Bicillin L-A + core protocol Bicillin L-A + core protocol
    Dear Stephen, I'm finally starting to feel a little better, so my thought is to continue Bicillin and your core protocol until I'm at least 2 months beyond symptom free. Do you see any problems with this idea?
  • Antibiotics use and hospitals Antibiotics use and hospitals
    Dear Stephen, would you comment on the increased health risks posed, if any, to someone who enters a hospital after years of antibiotic treatment.
  • Herb resistance Herb resistance
    Dear Stephen, Do you know if the critters develop resistance to the herbs like they do with antibiotics?
  • Use of antibiotics with protocol Use of antibiotics with protocol
    Dear Stephen, is it advisable to use antibiotics for some period of time in addition to or prior to your protocol?
  • Emotional symptoms Emotional symptoms
    Dear Stephen, When on antibiotics one particularly disturbing effect was an emotionally out of control feeling (despair, hopelessness, crying for hours). I get a milder version of this with your herbs.