mercury chelation

  • dental health dental health
    Mercury fillings, root canals and cavitations are just some of the common dental issues found to cause health problems down the line.
  • Unravelling the Mystery of Autism Unravelling the Mystery of Autism
    E Magazine's cover story this month connects environmental toxicity with autism -- shining light on the link between children with autism and adults with environmental illness.
  • Mercury fillings Mercury fillings
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have multiple chemical sensitivity. Do the mercury fillings cause problems for those with MCS? I have 6 of them.
  • Mercury Mercury
    Dear Stephen, I tested positive for mercury via DMSA provocation, and I think that's as big of a problem as the Lyme disease. What ways can I get heavy metals down safely?
  • Mercury chelation Mercury chelation
    Dear Dr. Rea, Once chemical sensitivity symptoms present, how safe is it to chelate mercury (assuming there are no amalgams present)? If chelation is possible, what is the safest way to achieve this?
  • Heavy metal detox and lyme Heavy metal detox and lyme
    Dear Stephen, As I try to assist my compromised immune system, I want to address the possibility of detoxing heavy metals with herbs. Do you have a protocol for that?