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  • Is oxygen therapy dangerous? Is oxygen therapy dangerous?
    Dear Dr. Rea, I am currently using six liters of oxygen a minute through a tygon tube that is 1/4 inch in diameter with a ceramic face mask. Is this dangerous?
  • organ health organ health
    Use nutrition, exercise, and healing rituals to keep your body organs in optimal shape.
  • Oxygen therapy for mitochondria dysfunction Oxygen therapy for mitochondria dysfunction
    Dear Dr. Rea, My doctor recently prescribed supplemental oxygen therapy for my "mitochondria dysfunction." Doc says this oxygen therapy is based on research you have done.
  • Oxygen therapy Oxygen therapy
    Dear Stephen, I am interested in your views on the potential effectiveness of oxygen therapies for Lyme, in particular a newish device called Airnergy from Germany, which sounds great but is very pricey!