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Hi Susun,
I’m trying to quit smoking…am down to only 4 cigarettes a day. I follow a healthy lifestyle in every other way but this is one thing that’s been so hard for me to give up. Do you have any tips on how to transition out of a nicotine addiction naturally? Thanks.

Susun Weed’s response:
Tobacco is highly addictive and you can beat it. Get an extra edge on quitting by nourishing yourself with a handful of freshly toasted sunflower seeds and a cup of nettle or oatstraw infusion daily for 4-6 weeks before you stop smoking. Sunflower seeds reduce cravings for nicotine by filling nicotine receptor sites. Nettles and oatstraw strengthen nerves and cushion the impact of withdrawal.

Red Ochre Udegan

Nourish yourself the Wise Woman Way when you want tobacco:

• Take an oatstraw bath
• Eat a wild salad (even if its only one dandelion leaf)
• Bring home a flower
• Let someone cook dinner for you
• Go to a yoga class or a martial arts class
• Buy something for yourself instead of cigarettes
• Miss your smoke break? Take a break for pleasure!

Keep in mind that a weight gain of 15 pounds / 7 kilos is normal for quitters and nicotine withdrawal causes constipation (for remedies, see New Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way, p. 44). Also, read, get, buy The No-Nag, No-Guilt, Do-It-Your-Own-Way Guide to Quitting Smoking by Tom Ferguson, MD.

Green blessings, Susun Weed

photos: Wise Woman Spiral ©iStockphoto.com / Chuck Spidell | Red Ochre Udegan © Carolyn Hillyer

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