Dear Stephen,
I have delayed orthostatic hypotension in which my blood vessels dilate, instead of contricting, when my body is in prolonged upright positions. Therefore I am afraid to use knotweed or stephania, since both herbs are supposed to dilate blood vessels. In place of knotweed, I have been using green tea which I decaffeinate myself and sweeten with licorice root. In addition, for lyme disease I am using cat’s claw, astragulus root (I have chronic lyme, but I have recently been bitten three times with rashes), olive leaf, andrographis, and smilax. Since I have orthostatic hypotension, do you think that knotweed is contraindicated? What do you think of the green tea? It seems to help me. Anything else you would suggest for lyme? Any suggestions for the orthostatic hypotension? Thanks so much for all of your help.
Stephen’s response:
The best thing to do is to take herbs that are helpful for lyme that will also help your blood pressure. Eleuthero tincture is one of them, licorice is another, ginger another, and hawthorn. I would take the recommended dose (from Healing Lyme) of eleuthero and also use a tincture of equal parts ginger root, hawthorn berry, and licorice root. Take ½ tsp of that combination 3x a day. Since you have low blood pressure you should monitor your pressure regularly every day as you use the herbs. After a week of those herbs begin the knotweed and just monitor your pressure levels. Just because knotweed may lower pressure does not mean it will. This should help your orthostatic hypotension and also allow you to use the herbs. Asian ginseng can also be of benefit here for the hypotension.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

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  1. Raul

    Please be aware that the prolonged use of licorice (in your teas or else) could cause serious problems. At least regularly check your blood potassium level.
    You can find some additional info about licorice root here:

  2. Sandra

    I have EBV and orthostatic hypotension. Have had Babesia in the past which is negative now. LLD says I don’t have Lyme even though 4 bands positive. What can I take for EBV that doesn’t lower BP further please. Started monolaurin is this ok? Much worse at night lying down. Can cope during day. Heart palpitations a real problem. I’m desperate please can you help.

  3. Sandra

    Can you please remove my name from the above question
    Thank you

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