The illusion of control

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by Diana Rose Kottle

Wild horses

Drop into your heart

It is an illusion to think we have control over the outcome of anything and yet we are more powerful as creators of our own reality than we could even imagine. This is the paradox. This reminds me of a quote by Carl Rogers which says “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, only then can I change.” There is something so key about stopping and smelling the roses, being present with whatever “is” in the moment, and loving whatever is, even if it is not what your logical mind perceives as “desirable.”

Because it can be challenging to see the big picture or the whole story when you are in the middle of it, it’s important to remember that we shape the way our external reality shows up by the way we interpret and perceive it. Let go of your need to control things, for how do you know that this “upset” is not just part of a bigger path that you have asked for. We never know what will unfold on our journey to something; we cannot control the individual details. We can however feel and shape the vibration of what we want, and then we must let go and allow things to unfold and delight in the magic of what shows up.

When you can start to view everything as an opportunity to grow and change in someway, you can move away from the judgment of things, the need for people or events to be black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. When you accept what is, you can experience freedom. Acceptance is not approval, rather an allowing that this is what you have created at the moment and is a reflection of your willingness to allow things to just be as they are with no need to change or control them.

Learn to drop into your heart and unlock a world of magical possibilities.

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Diana Rose KottleDiana Rose Kottle, M.A., M.F.T., combines her unique experience and training as a Depth Psychotherapist, Life & Wellness Coach, Matrix Energetics practitioner and Faster EFT practitioner to help others uncover the root causes of what is keeping them blocked or stuck. Diana used Faster EFT herself to recover from severe chemical, electromagnetic, vibration, sound, and other sensitivities. She believes that true power comes from taking responsibility for your life and having the courage to let go of old limiting belief systems. Through her work as a coach, she guides you to make these deep and transformational changes. Visit her website to learn more about the services she offers and her unique philosophy.

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  1. - Michael Doven Gray

    It boils down to the adage..”what you focus on grows.”

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