Dear Stephen,
I am writing to you from India. I am male, 41 years old, and for the past year I have been having various symptoms which resemble parasites, lyme (doctors here say lyme does not exist in india ) and fibromyalgia. I do not have a real diagnosis as no one here seems to know about these diseases. My WBC count and my eosinophils went high about a year and a half ago. I had a sexual encounter involving analingus just before this. The doctor here gave me a 3 month course of an anti-helmintic medicine called hetrazan (diethylcarbamazine). After this treatment my WBC and eosinophils came down. But slowly and steadily the parasite/fms/lyme symptoms started and kept increasing. The WBC and eosinophil count again went a bit above normal range. I then took a course of humaworm and the eosinophils came down to normal and my WBC is now 11000. I showed this to all the best doctors here and they all say “Oh, you have anxiety.” I seem to have all the symptoms of lyme/fms, including neuro ones. I was speaking to someone on an online discussion forum who spoke highly of your products and said you could guide me regarding which products would be helpful.
My symptoms are muscle tightness, neuromuscular pain, occasional painful spasms in hands and feet, stomach bloating and hardness, light sensitivity in eyes, bone pain (not sure if bone or muscle or nerve), fatigue, dizziness, and my neck and shoulder are very tight. I also have 3-4 very tiny hard, raised bumps. For the past week I have been taking lauricidin (monoaularin). When I take that I feel hot and sweaty and have got a few raised boils which are tender to touch. Also, sometimes I get “biting” sensations on my hands, feet or trunk – as if some insect has bitten hard. Please guide me as to what would help me. My life has been at a standstill for the past one and a half years and I pray to the God inside that you will guide me and restore me back to health. With love and blessings.
Stephen’s response:
I am not really sure what is wrong but I can suggest a few things that might help. These herbs should be available in India. I would suggest the use of Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) tincture if you can find it there, ¼-1/2 tsp 4x daily, cordyceps powder or capsules 6 grams daily, Sida acuta (this herb is used in that region and should grow there) tincture ¼ tsp 3x daily (or as strong tea 3-4x daily), and Sambucus williamsii (which is used in that region) strong decoction daily (take one cup leaves and 3 cups water, bring to boil, reduce to one cup, strain, and drink, do this once daily for 14 days). The first two herbs should help the neuro symptoms, the second the boils and any systemic infection, the last should help the bone pain.


  1. Jan

    what is best for 85 yr. old for thyroid? what is best for morgellions?

  2. Eric

    I am 19 an had this sexual encounter with a girl that made my skin crawl an still does today ever since september 2013 I am struggling because I have tried a lot of things and basically have a lot of the same symptoms happening to me I hope you can reply an say that your cured I am just trying to get some info

  3. Angela

    Morgellons is likely the skin crawling condition you describe and many mainstream doctors will say it is in your head. It is not!
    Look up some support groups?
    Here is one:

    Stephen may have some ideas on herbs. Good luck! These health issues are often a gift in disguise to change your life style for life. You simplify diet, (no more gluten or dairy), protect your self with good herbs (anti parasite particularly to start), and products to boost your strength inside (like body building but in your cell) – your digestion and hormones in particular.

    The ancient Chinese said “one illness – long life. Many illness – short life.” They are telling us to listen to our one illness and change. You are lucky to get this so young as it will speed you into long life if you listen to it and make the effort now to correct all internally and life style that caused it.


  4. Angela

    I would recommend two weeks of selenium at 200 mcg /day – to detox the thyroid and stop viral reproduction and bind mercury – and then add iodine slowly in gradual increments as it will create additional detox. Kidneys are slow in elderly so baby steps are better. I do not think dairy or gluten are helpful. More meat on the bones stews, avocado, apple sauce (add a tsp of chia and wait until it gels and a tsp of aloe vera gel), miso soup (w/ cilantro – boil a handful and strain), diluted vegetable juice (no fruit juice), seaweed snacks and small bony fish like fresh sardines, (any way to increase minerals). High quality protein (organic soft boiled egg) first hour upon rising helps adrenals, which must be healed if thyroid will work. Ashwaganda before sleep also will help.

  5. Cristina Campbell

    I would take the full core protocol if you can find the herbs in India (I’m sure gou teng is available, and hopefully many others can be gotten off the internet). You might try the SCD diet and do everything stringently for 3-4 months and then in lesser amounts (unless symptoms reappear, if they do increase your herbs) for the next 8-12 months.

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