Role of houttuynia in bartonella protocol

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Dear Stephen,
What is the role of houttuynia in your bartonella protocol? I can’t find any explanation on your website.

Stephen’s response:
Houttuynia is a fairly good broad spectrum antiviral and antibacterial herb. It MAY be active for bartonella (James Schaller says it is but I can’t find any studies corroborating that). However it is also an extremely good herb for lowering the specific cytokine cascade that occurs in bartonella and stimulating the parts of the immune system that lower bacterial or virus initiated inflammation in cellular tissue. That is why it is there. I have an extended monograph on it coming out in Herbal Antivirals next summer and a shorter one in Healing Lyme Coinfections in April.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

Please note:

Stephen Buhner is no longer living and this Q + A column on Planet Thrive is closed to new questions. It will be kept on our website so readers can access vital information in the archives, communicate with each other in the comments section, and find herbs, books + lyme adjuncts in our directory. If you want to read more of Stephen’s writings, please see his website at:

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  1. benk

    Schaller’s HH2 (from Zhang) kept my Bart symptoms at bay for about 6-9 months; but to achieve this, I had to keep on doubling the dosage every 2-3 months. When even 9 capsules per day did no longer work, I quit taking HH2 for fear of liver/kidney damage.
    Thereafter I discovered your publications. It appears that Sida acuta may have erradicated my Bartonella. My thanks to you for the extraordinary help you give us Lymies.

  2. LML

    Buhners Lyme Protocol plus HH2 and Nattokinase eliminated bartonella for me at the 7-8 month point. No one monh cure for me but longstanding intense anxiety/bartonella mood swings etc. was gone and remains gone a year later. This is a huge deal for me as I have been sick with it from January 2008.

  3. Louise

    After consulting with Stephen’s associate, my daughter and I are using a lyme/bartonella protocol which includes houttuynia, sida actua, cordyceps, japanese knotweed, teasel, very low dose astragalus, nattokinase, NAC.

    I have added CSA tincture myself and found further improvement, so we may have a protozoan component as well.

    I think no one herb has the capability of eradicating our infections. This is why Stephen suggests the combinations that he does.

    We are both responding fantastically!

    Stephen’s books are so full of information and paradigm changing ideas. I keep giving mine away, to our naturopath, LLMD, an herbalist I know. Fortunately they are affordable so I am never without them.

    I can’t thank Stephen and Julie enough. They have changed our lives.

  4. Mary Britton

    Louise- What great news, and all wishes for continued success w/your health.
    Could you plz tell us what CSA tincture is? I could not find it on the internet.
    Thanks much, epiphany

  5. scott

    CSA is a combo tincture which can be bought via woodland essence herbs I believe

  6. Dianne Steinbach

    I have had intense red papule rashes with streaks for 2 weeks now. I am sure it is bartonella. The rash came after 2 weeks on your bartonella/lyme protocol. It also is very itchey. I use hot and cold compresses and soaks as well as alcohol applications for the itching. Could you advise why this happened and if I am on the right track. Also, how long do the rashes last while on your protocol? ( Also I am positive for lyme disease per western blot)

  7. Andrea Banks

    Hi Stephen, I have learned on my SCIO biofeedback machine that it is only people who also have the Syphilis MIASM that will get full blown Lyme Disease, incl. myself and my clients with Lyme. Some show Lyme but aren’t really sick. I have also noticed that the other Miasms accout for the other Co-infections, and since I have most of the Miasms, I have most of the co-infections of Lyme.

    Unfortunately, I have had NO success in treating the Miasms, incl. homeopathics, so my question is whether you know of any fixes for the Miasms? I have Syphilis, Sycosis, Psora, Chronic Fatigue, Fungus, TB, Measles, Ringworm, Tetanus, and virus sensitivity. Thank you for all your help.

  8. Courtney

    I bought Houttuynia powder not the tincture, because in Stephens protocol instructions it says Houttuynia, Houttuynia (Yu Xing Cao – 1st Chinese Herbs, powder. how much power do you recommend i take?

  9. Name *Alice

    I too would like to know how much to take in capsule form. The powder is difficult to make into tea.

  10. Heather

    HI.. I have a lyme disease diagnosis with babesia and bartonealla. I did long term antibiotics but had to stop to GI issues. I then made it through to month 7 of the Cowden protocol before GI issues started again. Some symptoms improved, but my main symptoms (intense shin and lower leg pain) remains). Ive had to leave work because of the pain and my limited mobility. I’ve been dealing with this since 2009.

    What can I take that will really address the Bartonella.

    Thanks for your time.

  11. Jesse Soderstrom

    Hi, can you direct me to where I can find this protocol or exactly what you did please.

  12. Ray

    CSA is a combination of three herbal antibiotics:
    Cryptolepis, Sida acuta, Alchornea

    It is available from Woodland Essence and Montana Farmacy.

  13. Ray

    Jesse, the core protocol, its variants, and a description of how each herb acts to resolve the disease are all provided by Buhner in his newest books. Do yourself a favor and pickup the appropriate title for your illness:
    * HEALING LYME (2nd Ed.)
    * HEALING LYME COINFECTIONS: Bartonella and Mycoplasma

  14. Patti

    I too found the Houttuynia difficult to take as a tea and burdensome/tiresome to encapsulate. I used the capsules (I used size 00) until tincture was made. Same source as you, 1st Chinese herbs and then brewed the tincture for 6 weeks following Buhner’s recipe. 1:5 50-50 distilled water and Everclear.

  15. Rusudan

    Have you tried Eucapypt oil, Tea Tree oil and coconut butter combination against itchy feeling? It helped my son a lot.

  16. Karima Bushnell

    Hi, I’m in month 7 of the Cowden Protocol, but could just as easily have been drawn to this one. Wanted to say that Nutramedix has a very easy-to-use Houttyunia tincture. And does anybody else react really badly to Houttyunia? I can deal with the other 13, but this one is almost unbearable.

  17. Lesley McLeod

    I think intense shin and lower leg pain is typical of one of the babesia spp. I would take panax ginseng and ginger tincture, neem tea 3x daily and ashwagandha and bidens pilosa. some artemisinin to keep the spleen clear and some milk thistle standardised to keep the liver clean.

  18. Marg

    Is it true that the Cowden protocol has almost nothing to fight babesia?

  19. Lotta

    Quina, Enula, Morra, Parlsey and Burbur are considered to help in the fight against Babesia from this brand.

  20. Coby Miller

    yes, certain people react quite strongly to certian tinctures. i am not sure why. they say houtt kills bart. and enula kills babs. not sure if that is the relation. i have a very strong herx from enula. i guess it means it is killing the bugs.

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