The dental work that helped me recover from MCS

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by Elisha McFarland

Healthy toothOne of the biggest factors that contributed to my developing multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) was the amount of dental work I had done over the years and the constant infections that ensued. The infections led to living on Tylenol for the pain and antibiotics for the infections, which in turn created a host of other problems. The last root canal I had done in 1996 (my 8th) pushed me over the edge.

As I began detoxing from MCS, I knew the amount of dental work I would need to have done in the future was significant. I had eight root canals that would need to be pulled and six amalgam fillings that needed to be replaced. I knew this was a project that was years down the road, as my level of toxicity was so high, there was no way I could tolerate the procedure. It took me almost five years of detoxing before I was healthy enough to go through all of the dental work, without negative effect.

The first step was finding a biological dentist who understood MCS and was willing to work with me. During our initial meeting the dentist made an assessment of my situation and developed a plan on how we should proceed, based on my health and the amount of work that needed to be done.  One simple suggestion was working in quadrants so that I would only have one area that was healing at a time. During our visit I learned that a significant number of his patients had some form of environmental illness. I also learned that he was willing to do whatever was necessary in order for me to have a safe environment.

Since the office would air out on the weekends, I made my appointments on Mondays when possible.  At every visit I was the first patient of the day, reducing my risk of coming into contact with someone who used fragrance or dryer sheets. Aside from the protocol that is listed below, I also brought a change of clothes with me, so I could change after every dental visit, just in case someone came into the office who might be wearing something that would make me sick.

As a member of IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), my dentist followed the protocols listed below to reduce my chance of mercury exposure during amalgam removal, as well as that of himself and his assistant.

Mercury amalgam removal protocol

1. Use of a rubber dam to prevent any amalgam debris from being swallowed or inhaled.

2. Covering the face of the patient with a barrier to prevent spattered amalgam particles and mercury vapor from coming in contact with the skin and eyes.

3. Administration of nasal oxygen.

4. Use of high volume suction in the operating area.

5. Use of a saliva ejector behind the dam to evacuate any mercury vapor that passes through the dam.

6. Rinsing of the dam thoroughly during amalgam removal to remove any stray amalgam particles.

7. Using water on amalgam during removal to cool the amalgam and reduce the amount of vaporization of mercury.

8. Sectioning the amalgam fillings into large chunks for removal in order to reduce the dispersement of amalgam particulate aerosol.

9. Thorough rinsing of the mouth area after removing rubber dam.

It is critically important to work with your healthcare practitioner while having dental work done. Since we are all so unique with our sensitivities and reactions, your practitioner should come up with a health plan based on your needs, to help your body adjust to the trauma of dental work, to support your body during the healing process and to assure that you have little or no negative health effects to the procedure.

My health plan for both the amalgam removal and root canal extractions was as follows:

One week PRIOR to Dental Procedures:

Silver Solution (or,  1 teaspoon, 3x day – hold in mouth at least one minute to allow for sublingual absorption (helps fight infection after root canal extractions)

• PhytoImmune, 2 capsules, 2x day at anytime (for stress support and to help fight infection after amalgam removal and root canal extractions)

Check urine pH* first thing in the morning. If pH is less than 6.5, take 1 teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda in warm water 2x day to alkalize system. (Your pH should be at 7 or very close the day of procedure, if possible.)

• Colonic two days before procedure (lowers overall toxic load)

• Klaire Pro-5 or other full-spectrum probiotic containing at least 60 billion microorganisms daily on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before/after any food (helps to degrade and detoxify carcinogenic enzymes and other molecules and to balance intestinal flora)

Day of Procedure:

Silver Solution (or, 1 teaspoon, 4x day – hold in mouth at least one minute, swish vigorously and swallow  (helps fight infection after root canal extractions)

• PhytoImmune, 2 capsules, 3x day (for stress support and to help fight infection after amalgam removal and root canal extractions)

• Colonic the day after the procedure (lowers overall toxic load)

• Klaire Pro-5 or other full-spectrum probiotic containing at least 60 billion microorganisms, one before procedure and one after, on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before/after any food (helps to degrade and detoxify carcinogenic enzymes and other molecules and to balance intestinal flora)

• Homeopathic Arnica 6x, 6 pellets or 6 drops before procedure and immediately after
If procedure involves extraction or any work like a cavitation procedure, also take the homeopathic Hypericum 6x the same dose as the Arnica and can be taken at the same time. (Arnica helps the trauma and to heal the tissue, Hypericum helps with nerve pain from anesthesia injections and root canal extractions)

• Medizyme as needed for additional pain (systemic anti-inflammatory for root canal extractions)

For 7 days AFTER Dental Procedure:

Silver Solution (or, 1 teaspoon, 3x day – hold in mouth at least one minute, swish vigorously and swallow (helps fight infection after root canal extractions)

• PhytoImmune, 2 capsules, 2x  day (for stress support and to help fight infection after amalgam removal and root canal extractions)

• Keep checking urine pH* and try to keep at 7

• Klaire Pro-5 or other full-spectrum probiotic containing at least 60 billion microorganisms daily on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before/after any food (helps to degrade and detoxify carcinogenic enzymes and other molecules and to balance intestinal flora)

• Homeopathic Arnica 6x, 6 pellets or 6 drops,  twice a day, sublingually.
NOTE: Add the Hypericum as stated above if there is surgery or nerve involvement. (helps with nerve pain from anesthesia injections and root canal extractions)

• Rinse with warm sea salt solution after brushing and flossing your teeth. Wait at least 30 minutes before using the Silver Solution. (Be careful about the area where the tooth was pulled, you don’t want to develop a dry socket)

Ultra Potent C or other high potency Vitamin C powder daily to bowel tolerance. The recommended amount in a full day is 4,000 mg. if tolerated. Place in warm water and sip through a straw to avoid injury to tooth enamel.  (I was taking 20,000-25,000 mg. of C daily).

• Medizyme as needed for additional pain (systemic anti-inflammatory for root canal extractions)

* Note about pH Test Strips: I prefer this brand as the strips come in a glass container, they don’t “bleed like a litmus paper, and you can use these to test urine or saliva. I also like that readings are separated into 0.25 increments making it easier to get an accurate reading of pH levels. They also have a wide range of readings from 4.5-9.0.

To Test Urine: All you need are pH test strips, which can be purchased in drugstores, pharmacies, and some health food stores. These strips have properties that cause them to change color when they come in contact with acidic or alkaline substances. The color they change to when in contact with a substance tells you whether the substance is acid or alkaline. The pH test strip needs to be put in contact with the substance to be tested. The simplest method consists of holding the strip in the flow of urine for one or two seconds, just long enough to moisten it. The acid of the urine reacts with the strip, causing it to change color. The strip is then matched to the indicator scale on the color chart. The figure of the corresponding urinary pH is located right next to the color. Remember that it is neutral at 7; at 6.5 and under it is too acid; and at 7.5 and above it is too alkaline.

To Test Saliva: Spit into a clean glass container and dip test strip in saliva for one or two seconds. The saliva reacts with the strip, causing it to change color. Simply match the color of the strip to the corresponding color chart. This is another way to test the overall pH balance in your body.. When your body has the mineral reserves that it should, the abundance of minerals will show up in a saliva pH test as a pH reading of 7.0 to 7.50. A low saliva pH reading indicates that the mineral reserves in your body are low, and are being used to buffer acids elsewhere in the body.

Important: Please note that these are the products and practices that worked for me based on my own health history and tolerances. Please work with your biological dentist, environmental medicine physician, and your own body wisdom to determine the best products and practices that work for you.

After pulling three of the root canals, we had found that the previous fillings (before the root canals were done) had been leaking mercury directly into my bloodstream. We also found  that under every root canal, my jawbone was rotting (it is no wonder I was having so much pain, and so many chronic dental infections!).  So along with replacing the six amalgam fillings, I had eight root canals pulled and had cavitation work done, which included eight bone grafts to replace the rotted areas in the jawbone that had to be removed. Yet throughout all of this work, this protocol worked perfectly and I had no negative reactions.

All of the work I had done took place in a dental office with carbocaine injections. I did also require stitches, but they were dissolvable, so I didn’t have to return to have them removed. My dentist commonly used ozonated water to irrigate the area after removing teeth, but I was not comfortable with this, so I brought silver for this purpose. I also had to get a partial. I am an excellent muscle tester, so my dentist gave me a sample of every item he would be using for the partial, so that I could test them at home before the partial was made.  He also muscle tested me and without revealing what our choices were for the safest products for me, we came up with the same results. We also went through this same process for all the materials used during the entire dental process, including replacement materials for the amalgams and the bone grafting material.

All in all I was shocked that I had no negative effects, no infections, and no problems. I believe that waiting until I had significantly reduced my toxic load was the reason for this. I also give credit to the large amount of prayer that I requested from loved ones. Since having all of this dental work completed, I have seen a significant shift in my health. It has brought me to a whole new level of health and healing. After doing this and some other significant work, I can say that I am almost completely healed. I still lead a chemical free and non-toxic life, but the difference is that I have a life. I rarely react to chemicals anymore, unless they are truly severe, such as the months of wildfires we recently had in the West. But even then my recovery time is incredibly fast. Having all of this dental work done was a significant part of my recovery. I am truly grateful for everyone who helped me along the way.

Elisha McFarlandElisha McFarland has been able to overcome her long standing MCS health issues of the past sixteen years through consulting with a Naturopathic Doctor, personal and academic research, as well as adopting a proactive and wholistic approach to self healthcare.  Elisha has received the following designations: Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Diploma in Clinical Homeopathy, Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist- Institute of Wholistic Rejuvenation, EFT-ADV.  You can visit her website at


  1. Michele Hertz

    Thank you for writing this. It is very valuable information for so many people.
    I had a very similar experience.
    I was injured by the extreme pulsing RF radiation from a new digital utility meter that was installed on my home by the electric utility company.
    Once I discovered what had happened to me I began to notice that when I was near a cell tower, wifi or cell phones, my head, teeth and gums would hurt.
    I decided to remove all dental metal and all root canals.
    My life has changed dramatically since I did this.
    I’m still sensitive to some chemicals and electric radiation but I am so much better!

  2. Elisha McFarland

    Hi Michele
    So sorry to hear about the problems caused by your new digital utility meter, I know you are not alone with those challenges.
    But I am happy to hear that your health has improved after all of your dental work.
    One of the interesting tests my dentist did was to check on the electrical output my fillings caused, it was pretty amazing to see the meter jump when he touched my fillings.
    It was another piece of the puzzle to why I felt so awful.
    Blessings to you on your journey to total health!

  3. Holly

    such great news!! Any chance you would share which state you received your dental work in or even share the dentist’s name?? I, myself, was poisoned by mold over several yrs along with a toxic bath remodel; but my mouth was full of mercury with several toxic root canals & 16 porcelain crowns.
    When young, I often remember having mercury crumble in my mouth & losing fillings along with some opposite metals touching each other. For 4-5 yrs after a RC, I learned they left a tool in the canal!!! Finally, after all this, I had them all pulled in 2010. After a few bad cavitations I chose to get the dreaded denture. No great recovery afterward tho. I had some infection in 1 quadrant afterward-don’t know if he got it all. No money to do further jaw investigation, but no real obvious pain. Some R lower Jaw sensitivity to touch still tho in that one infected area.
    I do need to find a better/more tolerant denture material – had my lower one (in the container in purse) stolen from my car & haven’t replaced it.
    W/0 good teeth to chew digestion is affected. Any ideas how I could find a good, non formal/petro based tolerable material for a denture besides doing a Clifford Test?? In MN, we have few biological dentists & I/ve tried the 1 recommended material.
    So glad to know the process and protective protocols worked for you. I’m more EMF now with no metals:( ???
    May go to FLA or NJ or AZ to visit family if your dentist is nearby, would love to know. Thanks.

  4. Andrew Whipple

    Great article!

    Thank you!


  5. Elisha McFarland

    Hi Holly,

    I am happy to provide my dentists’ information, although I’m not sure if he’s accepting new patients. I’ve also included his website for additional information.

    Dr. Stephen Koral
    2006 Broadway St. Ste 201
    Boulder, CO 80302
    Phone: (303) 443-4984

    As far as a partial or denture goes, a biological dentist would be far more up to date on available products than I. They should be willing to give you samples of products that you could then get tested by a kinesiologist to determine your reactivity. Not sure what the expense would be for a kinesiologist in your area, but I assume it would be less than a Clifford Test.
    Many chiropractors, D.O.s and other alternative practitioners muscle test or have someone on staff who does. This may also be an option.

    Some considerations for additional info on mercury free dentists: (You may already have this info) They list mercury free dentists by state

    http:// website (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) another mercury Free Dentists by State

    I noticed that the site lists 13 dentists in Minnesota, not sure how practical they are for you, but it may be worth looking into. Of course I always like personal referrals, but sometimes you just have to do the research and pick someone.
    Blessings on your journey to health!

  6. Amelia

    Hi Elisha! I recently read your dental piece on Planet Thrive…thank you for posting! Your website is also fantastic…lots of wonderful info & resources. I am currently going through my own dental dramas!! I would be very keen for your imput…are you consulting via email/phone?? I’m in Australia. I’m currently roombound with severe EI/MCS/EHS. You can find me/my storyon Planet Thrive under ‘Amelia’ or on Facebook, “Heal Amelia’s Life’ group page. Look forward to hearing from you. Warm Regards, Amelia :) (sorry too post this private message here…but I tried via your website & I message wouldnt go through???

  7. Elisha McFarland

    Hi Amelia,

    So happy that you found some useful info on my website. It seems like a lot of people I speak with lately are going through dental challenges.

    Sorry, you had difficulties sending e-mail through my website, if the code isn’t typed in with the correct caps, it won’t send anything.

    You can contact me at [email protected]

    I don’t use Facebook, so I couldn’t look up your page. When I typed in ‘Amelia’ at Planet Thrive, what came up was a paragraph about “The Question of Health Reform”.
    Would love to read your story, if you could tell me more directly where to find it….there are a lot of articles to look through.

    Blessings, Elisha

  8. Dr. Paul Rubin

    Excellent article, and I particularly appreciate that you emphasized the need to work with a dentist trained and experienced in mercury-safe, biological dentistry. It’s important for people to understand not to just rush out and talk their dentist into removing their amalgam fillings if the dentist is not trained and knowledgeable in all of the safe protocols that you described.
    Paul Rubin, DDS, MIAOMT

  9. penelope johnstone

    i have not been able to locate a bio-dentist in central Ca.

  10. Julie

    That is frustrating Penelope. Have you checked ( or ( I found these resources by doing a simple Google search for “biological dentist California.” Another idea is to post on groups devoted to mercury chelation such as the Autism-Mercury group on Yahoo Groups ( – there are mercury poisoned adults there and most will have had their amalgams removed because it is dangerous to chelate with amalgams still in. Good luck!

  11. Chris mcclure

    What materials did you end up using???

  12. Rebecca Evans

    I thank you so much for your article…..I must get new dentures and had no clue how that was going to work as this pair is the first since me getting MCS 15 years ago. I shall begin the hunt and see what happens. Thank you!

    Becky Evans

  13. Brenda BAEHR

    I too have MCS, it is something I would never wish anyone to live with. Unfortunately, a very misunderstood illness. Isolation is horriable. I have at times preferred death. Then the pieces started to fall together, after much prayer anf research. My amalgam fillings! And root canal…thats it. I had an emergency appointment with a biological dentist today. In 3 days he will be safely removing the 2 worst fillings and crowning them. I to am nervous of what the trauma will do to my very weak, body and mind. I dont have 7 days to prepare as recommended in this story, but will be in touch with my holistic MD for his recommendations. Thank you for this article of hope. Sincerly, Brenda

  14. Laurie Boggs

    Dear Elisha,
    Thank you for posting your story and information. I was hit head on by a drunk driver 18 years ago. I barely made it out alive. My teeth chattered and I was chemically injured by Western Medicine. I had to had 7 Root Canals, I had 3 in my mouth before the wreck. What did you do to replace your your root canals with? Dentures or Implants? I am on disability, the drunk driver was a repeat offender and uninsured motorist. So the problems is of course, money. Would this be a medical problem? I am feeling stuck. As the years have gone by, the chemical sensitivities are so heightened. It is pain and suffering on many levels. I am stuck….and unsure how to navigate this perplexing issue. Thank you for any assistance.

    Sincerely Laurie

  15. Julie

    Hi Laurie,
    So sorry to hear about your accident and subsequent chemical injury. Not sure if you’ve seen my article about my root canal removal but wanted to share the link with you here: I got a “temporary partial” to replace my root canal front tooth and that has worked well for me all these years. With 10 root canals, I’m not sure whether that would be a workable solution for you. Wanted also to make sure you are aware of brain retraining programs that are available for MCS. Many have reduced or even eliminated their sensitivities using these programs. You can find out more here: I am hoping that Elisha sees your comment and will respond, too. All my best, Julie

  16. Shel Lynn

    I am relieved to see an updated entry to this website, as I was afraid it was too old/obsolete. I liked so many of your tips/ideas, though certainly hard to follow w/ such ‘brain fog’ myself.

    I am a 53 yr old woman who, until 18 months ago was playing competitive volleyball & very vibrant/healthy until a cat bite put me in the hospital on anti-biotic IV for 3 days 11/’15. I was diagnosed finally w/ Hashimoto’s 12/’16 (TPO antibodies). Per terrible digestive issues, I did low-FODMAP first & felt better w/in ~2 wks. Then symptoms returned. Suspecting food intolerances/sensitivities, I put myself through the $225 Alletess Lab IgG testing 12/’16 = 25 intolerant substances – 5 months later I felt better but then ‘relapsed’. Did Alletess again 9/’17 = 47 intolerant substances – 5 months later, same thing; better but not sleeping again & more symptoms. Now I’m about to embark upon the MRT results (lost 9 more nutritious foods), which seems daunting! Honestly all I want to do most days is find an ‘off switch’ for my life – how DOES one leave this planet gracefully? I admire & frankly envy that you found friends to walk this journey w/ you & that you were able to move to a ‘safe house’, which I am now far from (noise & air pollution here, among other triggers).
    So I want mostly to thank you for sharing your experience & tell you I wish I could join you… wherever you are… to band together toward good health.

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