Which is more up-to-date – your website or books?

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Dear Stephen,
The core protocol in 2nd edition is quite different than what is presented on your website. As the website protocol is much easier for patients, can you comment on each?

Stephen’s response:
Actually the website is not mine but is something developed by Julie Genser of PlanetThrive.com simply to support the Lyme community. (I have no connection to the similarly named sites on Facebook either.) In general, the root protocol would be very similar to the first edition: knotweed root, cat’s claw, andrographis. I would guesstimate that around 30-40% of people use this reduced protocol with good success. The problem is that as our expertise has grown we have found that with neuroborreliosis (most of the people who seek deeper help from us have neuroborreliosis) that simple protocol, though helpful is simply not enough. As with most things, we have tended to get a bit more complicated over time. Nevertheless, I still recommend using the reduced core protocol to begin with and THEN adding more stuff to deal with the complexities of the broad symptom picture. I think that Green Dragon Botanicals formulation is a good place to begin.

Note: the core protocol has since been updated on BuhnerHealingLyme.com with the below:

Please note: Here is a brief look at the stripped down core approaches to treating Lyme and some of its co-infections. Stephen highly suggests buying his relevant books so that you can see the full expanded protocols. This is just a starting place; the full protocols are much more sophisticated, especially the listings for the many accompanying symptoms that often need to be addressed.

1. Japanese knotweed root (Polygonum cuspidatum)
• Powder: 1 tsp – 1 TBS of the root powder 3x daily. Start at the lower dose and work up, OR . . .
• Tincture: ¼ – 1 tsp 3-6x daily, OR . . .
• Tablets (Green Dragon Botanicals): These are normally labeled as resveratrol on the bottle. They are in fact knotweed root standardized for resveratrol content. (Note: Don’t use grape resveratrol; it won’t work very well.) Some comments on tablet dosages below:

2. Cat’s claw bark (Uncaria tomentosa)
• Powder: 1 tsp 3x daily, OR . . .
• Tincture: ¼ – ½ tsp 3x daily, OR . . .
• Tablets/capsules (Green Dragon Botanicals): 1–4 500 mg tablets/capsules 3x day.

3. Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata)
• Capsules: Begin with a small dose and work up. I would recom­mend 600 mg (1 capsule) 3x daily to begin with, for one week. Then, if there are no side effects, increase the dose to 2 capsules 3x daily. Please check the side effects on this herb: Unpleas­ant allergic reactions can occur.

4. If you have neuroborrelliosis, add: Gou-Teng (Uncaria rhynchophylla)
• Tincture: ½ – 1 tsp 3–6x daily, depending on severity of brain infection.

5. Collagen support protocols (see book) are often essential, as well.

  • Stephen Harrod Buhner

    Stephen Harrod Buhner is an Earth poet and the award-winning author of twenty-three books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment, and herbal medicine including the acclaimed book Healing Lyme: Natural Healing & Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis & Its Co-infections.

    Stephen comes from a long line of healers including Leroy Burney, Surgeon General of the United States under Eisenhower and Kennedy, and Elizabeth Lusterheide, a midwife and herbalist who worked in rural Indiana in the early nineteenth century. The greatest influence on his work, however, has been his great-grandfather C.G. Harrod who primarily used botanical medicines, also in rural Indiana, when he began his work as a physician in 1911.

    Stephen’s work has appeared or been profiled in publications throughout North America and Europe including Common Boundary, Apotheosis, Shaman’s Drum, The New York Times, CNN, and Good Morning America. Stephen lectures yearly throughout the United States on herbal medicine, the sacredness of plants, the intelligence of Nature, and the states of mind necessary for successful habitation of Earth.

    He is a tireless advocate for the reincorporation of the exploratory artist, independent scholar, amateur naturalist, and citizen scientist in American society – especially as a counterweight to the influence of corporate science and technology.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

Please note:

Stephen Buhner has retired from answering questions here, but this Q + A column on Planet Thrive is kept open so readers can access vital information in the archives, communicate with each other in the comments section, and find herbs, books + lyme adjuncts in our directory. If you want to reach Stephen, please try contacting him through his personal website at stephenharrodbuhner.com.

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  1. dave

    the wild and weedy apothecary carries uncaria rhynchophylla.

  2. Evelyn

    Dear Stephen, I am diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia. Treatment with antibiotics and your protocol. Love your product recommendations. My question is what could the cause be due to, for the numb,tingling type feeling thatI have on the soles of my feet when they are flexed and now on 3 fingers of my right hand? I have no answers from the doctors.

  3. Dianne Bevan

    Hi Stephen
    my doctor has recommended that i start your protocol for chylamadia pneumonia but i can’t figure protocol out. Hoped to buy your book on kindle but it is a paperback so will have to order it and wait. (Am in Australia)

  4. Dianne Bevan

    Hi Julie,
    thanks for that -another question – where to source herbs!!

  5. healing lyme admin

    Hi Dianne,
    The website has a list for Buhner herbs as well as a general herb company list. Check the homepage!

  6. ann patterson

    I have had lyme from the age of 9 and i am now 75 have been so ill all my life,treated like i,m strange ect. asthe docters didn,t know why lots of illnesses were going on and they didnt know why or what to do.Is the lyme the cause of my severe osteophorosis? or is that something seperate? We have no-one to help us in the UK.my lyme doctor had his licence taken off him!! he was wonderfull.I am trying some of your treatment in your book but finding it hard as i have lots of brain probs. i have been told i have vessel disease in my brain and heart and that is what caused my stroke and heart probs.I know its all lyme but they refuse to look at all my private test results,I hope you can make sense of this as I am just having to learn how to do this.Bless you for your help!! Ann

  7. Steph Harper

    Could it be your antibiotics? Tingling in the feet and hands is a sign of floxacin damage (see any of the forums). Magnesium is low in people who have been affected by floxacins; the symptoms could also just be low magnesium. I would supplement with magnesium as soon as possible (epsom salt baths, magnesium oil on the skin and also taken in water, possibly magnesium citrate tablets). If you are on cipro, avelox or other floxacin antibiotics, then stop taking them immediately, and check out floxiehope.com for other useful supplements and treatments.

  8. Stephanie Harper

    Sorry to hear of your problems Ann. In the UK you can consult with an ecological doctor (called functional medicine in the States) http://www.bsem.org to help you interpret the tests and get appropriate treatment. Also do you live in an area with fluoridated water, have you taken fluoride supplements as a child or antibiotics with fluoride in (flucloxacillin, ciprofloxacin etc)? Fluoride in the body can cause or contribute to many of the conditions you mention you suffer from. There is much you can do to improve things if so. Osteoporosis can be treated with boron, magnesium (forget the calcium!), vitamin d3 (at least 1000IU per day) and vitamin K2. The distribution of calcium in the body is dependent on these vitamins and minerals. A good ecological doctor, or even a certified nutritionist is likely to be able to improve your health considerably.

  9. Laura

    I have the same thing in the soles of my feet and my hands. And when they’re not numb they deeply ache, like a nerve pain. I have no idea which of the many co infections causes this symptom. Or what to take to relieve the pain. If you find out do share, I’ll do the same.

  10. Yvette Hodges

    I had thyroid surgery 4/25/13! I had found a tic on my hip the following morning after hiking ( so double dose ) the tic was a couple weeks before surgery . One thing I wasn’t put on thyroid medication still not so sure if it’s not cancer but you all know how that goes . I was dx w Lyme Bart babesi and the one that starts w an ech (sp) . Have extremely high inflammation , vassculitils , now a blockage in my lymhpayhic system , not feeling well

  11. Ruth

    Hello Evelyn, I have those same symptoms. Did you find out what is causing it?

    -Beloved Ruth

  12. Daiga

    How about the dosage for children? Will I find them into the book?

  13. healing lyme admin

    Check our site – use the search tool or browse the navigation menu items. There is a tab for children, as well as one for dosages. Best, Julie

  14. Debbie Gibbens

    I have been on the lyme protocol for 6 weeks now, when should I start feeling better, also can I take the bartonella herbs at the same time?

  15. Frances

    You can get his book/s through the public library system; if not available at your local library, they get it in through inter-library loan.

  16. Melisa

    Hi Julie,
    First of all, thank you for your never ending help!
    I have a Q re: children. I initially used tinctures with the kids (2011) and sometimes found it very difficult getting them to take the tinctures. The protocols for chlamydiae in Stephen’s book say tinctures too – can we use powder in capsules or is it absolutely necessary to take tinctures?
    (Also a tip I received in 2011 for the really nasty tasting tinctures & kids – put the tincture drops in an empty capsule and have them take it immediately)

  17. healing lyme admin

    Hi Melisa,
    As far as I know, Stephen has always said he prefers taking the whole herb to taking tinctures. So taking the herbs as powder in capsules is fine. I think with children, tinctures are considered easier to take since you can hide them in smoothies, soups, and other foods whereas capsules may be difficult for kids to swallow. Whatever works and gets them to take the herbs consistently is best, in my opinion. You can also search the archives to see what Stephen has said in the past about tinctures vs powdered capsules, and children. Best, Julie

  18. Alexandra

    Hi! Would you like to know if you have lyme books in Portuguese?

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