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Healing Lyme
Skin fungi herbs
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I want again just to thank you for your wonderful suggestion of herbs. I believe I’m again free of lyme and many tick borne co-infections I caught in a recent reinfection in May 2007 due to a combination of “your” plants, some Chinese plants and Dr. Klinghardt’s cleansing protocol (heavy metals etc). The only problem that’s still with me, is pre-lyme skin fungi (before only in my toes, now in my fingers). I suffer from that in winter only (but during the whole months of winter) for more than a decade (so, pretty chronic). I wonder if the herbs you suggest for intestinal candida (chaparro amargosa and desert willow) will work for skin fungi too? I certainly need to ingest herbs; skin application alone is not enough.

I had good experiences with pau d’arco tincture, tee tree oil, astragalus, stephania and propolis tincture, all helped but not solved the situation. Garlic never helped there. I’m also on anti-candida diet to avoid flares. I believe my main problem is a weak immune system and problem of microcirculation in the extremities (fingers/ toes) specially during the winter… But who knows? Thank you again.

Stephen’s response:
This kind of thing is often difficult to treat for many reasons.

If you are using tea tree oil you should apply it to the affected area 2-3x daily, especially after bathing (every day). If it is a nail fungus it will take until the nail grows completely out before it is gone, so the treatment takes months in recalcitrant cases. A wash of goldenseal, black walnut hulls, and usnea herbs, done daily am and pm, can also help immensely.

For internal uses I would suggest using cryptolepis tincture ( 1 tsp 2x daily for a month. For immune support I would suggest astragalus and eleutherococcus. For microcirculation Japanese knotweed daily, and a combination of cayenne, prickly ash, and ginger is especially good. The use of a ginger cayenne tea daily will also help a lot here (juice of fresh ginger, a piece about the size of your thumb, 1/16 tsp cayenne, squeeze of lime, honey to taste).

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