Cancer Medical ResearchersOrganizations that provide medical research on the most up-to-date treatment approaches for various types of cancer.

“The worlds premier referral service” for alternative and cutting edge cancer treatment information. 800.565.1732

Schine On-Line Services, Inc.
Founded by Gary Schine—cancer survivor and author of Cancer Cure: The Complete Guide to Finding and Getting the Best Care There Is—this medical research company gathers information on all types of cancer and other illnesses for you by searching online medical databases and providing a report on the latest conventional treatments and clinical trials for your particular illness. 800.FIND.CURE

The Health Resource, Inc.
Expert medical researchers help you and your loved ones learn about the latest conventional and experimental / alternative treatment options available for your cancer or other medical conditions. 800.949.0090

The Moss Reports
The world’s leading cancer treatment information and referral service—acclaimed medical writer Ralph W. Moss, PhD writes detailed reports for patients about the most promising treatment options for every type of cancer. 800.980.1234

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