Whoopi GoldbergAs Whoopi Goldberg’s character Oda Mae Brown in the movie Ghost says to Molly, we’d like to say to her: “You in danger, girl!” Last month, it was reported that Whoopi is suffering from a perfume “allergy” when she “forgot” about her sensitivity before booking former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham (“Posh”) on The View, which Whoopi now co-hosts, to promote her new perfume Signature Story. After Whoopi realized her mistake, Posh was banned from spraying the perfume within 9 meters of Whoopi and audience members had to sign a no-spray agreement as well since they received goody-bags containing a bottle of the perfume during the show.

We have a few questions for Whoopi and a word of warning. Whoopi: if you experience such unpleasant symptoms from being around perfume, why in the world would you invite a guest on the show to promote this harmful product? Why in the world would you also give out free samples to audience members? We are also left wondering how one could “forget” a perfume allergy (if that’s indeed what happened) and whether Whoopi has other guests and audience members sign a similar agreement for regular shows.

Is it possible to be allergic to perfume, or is Whoopi really suffering from chemical sensitivity? As reported on many sites devoted to the condition, a fragrance sensitivity can often be the first sign before a more severe, debilitating form of the condition develops. This is why we also want to say to Whoopi: “YOU IN DANGER GIRL!” Please educate yourself and start practicing avoidance of chemicals or you may soon find yourself part of a club no one wants to join. I was just talking with a friend last night about how we both wish someone had warned us before our chemical sensitivity became full-blown. This is our warning to you, Whoopi. read about Whoopi’s perfume sensitivity

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