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European company to make toxin-free campers for EI

BiocamperWith a long history of building customized medical vehicles, the Italian company CVS has recently begun making toxin-free campers for those with environmental illness. Their Biocamper is free of irritating chemicals, glue and/or petrochemicals. After receiving many calls from people wanting to rent one of their vehicles for someone with severe chemical and/or electromagnetic sensitivity, the company is now considering producing the first Biocamper or MCS-EHS Mobile Home for hire. They are also planning to produce toxin-free mobile homes based on the same design principles and materials as used with the Biocamper. See their website for more on financing and tax incentives. The company has put a call out to those with severe chemical and/or electromagnetic sensitivity to email them with comments to help them better respond to the needs of the EI community. Anyone who sends in their comments by email will receive a special discount for any future Biocamper purchase or rental.

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  • Annette Tweedel

    August 28, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Do you sell any Biocamper’s in the United States? If so, where? And how much do they cost?

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