Elana’s Gluten-Free Pantry

  • Gluten-free sesame salmon burgers Gluten-free sesame salmon burgers
    by Elana Amsterdam | These high protein sesame salmon burgers are packed with superfoods such as garlic, ginger and sesame seeds.
  • Gluten free chocolate power bar balls Gluten free chocolate power bar balls
    by Elana Amsterdam | This scrumptious, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, super transportable snack is a power bar in the form of balls.
  • Chocolate peanut butter fudge Chocolate peanut butter fudge
    by Elana Amsterdam | I love fudge, I do. The only trouble with it is that most fudge is so sweet I usually feel sick to my stomach after eating it. Now you can have your fudge and eat it too!
  • Gluten free Easter Bunny cookies Gluten free Easter Bunny cookies
    by Elana Amsterdam | These delicious gluten free Lemon Poppy Seed Bunny Cookies are so simple to make - enjoy them for Easter or any other occasion!
  • Roasted balsamic beets Roasted balsamic beets
    by Elana Amsterdam | Beets brighten up any meal with their gorgeous earthy reddish-purple color and are highly nutritious to boot.
  • Gluten-free chocolate raspberry Hamantaschen Gluten-free chocolate raspberry Hamantaschen
    by Elana Amsterdam | I've been on a gluten-free Hamantaschen rampage the last few days and these are my latest and greatest.
  • Roasted dandelion root coffee Roasted dandelion root coffee
    by Elana Amsterdam | I'm starting to think about the possibility of a spring detox and one of my favorite healing roots -- dandelion. Dandelion is a fantastic liver cleanser and spring is the perfect season for liver support.
  • Green chicken soup Green chicken soup
    by Elana Amsterdam | While I love my green juices in theory, in reality, my stomach doesn't always agree with them, especially when it's cold outside. That's when it's time to make Green Chicken Soup.
  • Oven roasted broccoli Oven roasted broccoli
    by Elana Amsterdam | My boys inhale this naturally gluten free roasted broccoli dish whenever I make it.
  • Baked lemon kale chips Baked lemon kale chips
    by Elana Amsterdam | We are loving these Lemon Kale Chips. I can't make enough of them --the boys scarf them down hot out of the oven.
  • Cauliflower rice Cauliflower rice
    A tasty, nutritious, grain-free, alternative to white rice for those that follow a Primal or Paleo eating plan. Works for the Atkins people too.
  • Healthy gluten-free school lunch Healthy gluten-free school lunch
    by Elana Amsterdam | Healthy food for children is a passion of mine. I like to keep things simple as the boys are responsible for packing their vitals every day before dinner (for the following day's lunch).
  • Thai vegetable soup Thai vegetable soup
    This gluten free Thai Vegetable Soup can be made in a jiffy with all natural, easy to find ingredients.
  • Ginger licorice tea Ginger licorice tea
    by Elana Amsterdam | When it gets cold outside and our throats begin to get a bit scratchy, I put up a pot of ginger licorice tea. Sweet and spicy, the boys love it on a cold day.
  • Baked carrot oven french fries Baked carrot oven french fries
    by Elana Amsterdam | My boys love these carrot fries hot out of the oven. I like baking them as it eliminates the messy splattering that results from the typical preparation of French fries -- frying.
  • Chicken meatballs Chicken meatballs
    Serve these meatballs over (gluten free) homemade zucchini noodles and tomato sauce.
  • Gluten-free carrot banana muffins Gluten-free carrot banana muffins
    Carrot, banana, and date yumminess!
  • Soothing chai Soothing chai
    Another vegan, dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free beverage for a chilly day. Enjoy!
  • Kale with gomasio Kale with gomasio
    This savory gluten-free vegetable dish is perfect for a cozy winter meal.
  • Apple fennel soup Apple fennel soup
    by Elana Amsterdam | Gluten free Fennel Apple Soup has been popping up everywhere -- on various gluten free yahoo groups and in various magazines. Here's my version.
  • Spicy power bar Spicy power bar
    A gluten-free, vegan, super nourishing, delicious, tri-doshic energy bar.
  • Creamy cranberry dressing Creamy cranberry dressing
    This super tart cranberry dressing is the perfect gluten free addition to any fall meal, and is ideal for Thanksgiving.
  • Green chili turkey burgers Green chili turkey burgers
    The perfect quick Fall meal to help usher in the cooler weather.
  • Spicy slaw Spicy slaw
    The perfect side dish for a summer picnic - made with purple cabbage for a delectably sweet crunch.
  • Apricot salad dressing Apricot salad dressing
    A simple, tasty, and light gluten-free recipe from Elana's pantry.
  • Breakfast bars Breakfast bars
    Filling and tasty omega-3 packed power bars - eat 'em for breakfast, as a snack, or a healthy dessert.
  • Green lemonade Green lemonade
    A nutrient-packed super delicious green juice - with kale, cucumber, lemon, and apple - to quench your thirst on the hottest of summer days.
  • Asian coleslaw Asian coleslaw
    Spice up a classic summer side dish with ume plum vinegar, toasted sesame seeds, lime juice, and freshly grated ginger. Zing!
  • Spinach cakes Spinach cakes
    What to do with all the spinach crowding out the other greens in the veggie drawer of the fridge? Spinach cake of course!
  • Raw granola Raw granola
    A gluten-free, grain-free raw vegan granola. Enjoy with fresh fruit, plain yogurt, or simply by the handful.
  • Beet hummus Beet hummus
    A unique twist on a Middle Eastern spread. Goes great with gluten-free pita bread or crackers.
  • Rosemary fig crackers Rosemary fig crackers
    A quick, easy-to-make, and very delicious recipe.
  • Shrimp cakes Shrimp cakes
    Simple, savory seafood patties will add a boost of lip-smacking protein to any salad or vegetable dish.
  • Cashew milk Cashew milk
    Great in smoothies, with a bowl of granola, in a Thai iced tea - or on its own with a short stack of gluten-free cookies.
  • Flax focaccia becomes parsley bruschetta Flax focaccia becomes parsley bruschetta
    Add a rosemary parsley topping to this gluten-free flax bread to create a deliciously nourishing bruschetta.
  • Thai chicken soup Thai chicken soup
    This soup also works very well with leftover chicken.
  • Orange arugula salad Orange arugula salad
    Pairing buttery, bitter arugula with sweet, sour and tangy oranges creates a refreshing salad both kids and green veggie-phobic adults will love!
  • Salmon with anchovy olive tapenade Salmon with anchovy olive tapenade
    Try this in the summer when the salmon can be grilled outdoors instead of baked in the oven!
  • Acorn squash with cranberry apple stuffing Acorn squash with cranberry apple stuffing
    Mmm, mmm, mmm. Need we say more?!
  • Ginger cilantro green shake Ginger cilantro green shake
    Drink a healthy green smoothie today, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.