Simple green juice

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Simple Green Juice
Green juice made with just three ingredients is ultra refreshing.
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Happy New Year! Just in case you are still deciding on your New Year’s resolutions, I found a bunch of quick and easy ones in Esquire Magazine.

  1. If you’re going to sit naked on a couch, put a towel down
  2. In emails, use capital letters at the start of sentences, except when in a real hurry
  3. Join a gym. (I’m not saying go. Just join.)
  4. Chew your food two times more per mouthful
  5. Forgive yourself sometimes

And a bonus resolution? Maybe drink a bit of green juice when you’re in the mood. Here’s a recipe to help you out.

1 bunch parsely
2 cucumbers (I leave the peel on)
1 lemon (remove yellow part of skin)


  1. Push parsley, cucumbers and lemon through a juicer
  2. Serve

makes (1) juice

The reason I remove the yellow part of the lemon skin is that it can be very bitter when juiced. I leave the white part of the skin on as it full of healthy bioflavonoids. This tangy, refreshing juice is great with breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or any other time of day.

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