red root

  • Red root and nattokinase okay together? Red root and nattokinase okay together?
    Dear Stephen, My doctor says I have "thick" blood and should take nattokinase. Is there an overlap between the red root and nattokinase?
  • Treating co-infections first Treating co-infections first
    Dear Stephen, Do you suggest also treating bartonella before lyme? Should I stop the core protocol and treat the co-infections first or add herbs for treating the bartonella and babesia to the core protocol?
  • Bartonella infection Bartonella infection
    Dear Stephen, I have recently been diagnosed with bartonella infections. I would appreciate your recommendations for attacking these critters.
  • Herbs for intracellular infection Herbs for intracellular infection
    Dear Stephen, Which herbs would be good for cat scratch fever infections? Herbs for fighting infections, particularily intracellular organisms, are a preference for this earth grounded patient.
  • Red root and liver detox pathways Red root and liver detox pathways
    Dear Stephen, In your research, have you come across any info on how red root affects the liver detoxification enzyme pathways?
  • Red root tincture or whole herb? Red root tincture or whole herb?
    Dear Stephen, I think Red Root would be useful to me but you state that tinctures are not good in old cases, while dosages of this herb are only listed in tincture. What would you recommend?
  • Bartonella - protozoan? Bartonella – protozoan?
    Dear Stephen, What treatments of your protocol would you suggest for me to try...since I have never tested positive for Lyme, only Bartonella and a possible Protozoan "blood borne" infection (Frylabs)?
  • Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme
    Comprehensive program of potent herbs that can be used either alone or in combination with antibiotics for healing Lyme disease and co-infections.
  • Buhner Healing Lyme program Buhner Healing Lyme program
    Herb sources for the treatment protocol outlined in the book Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner.
  • Protocol for young teenage girl Protocol for young teenage girl
    Dear Stephen, My 11-year-old daughter has lyme, bartonella and babesia. Is your herbal protocol safe for her?
  • Houttuynia for bartonella? Houttuynia for bartonella?
    Dear Stephen, Do you have an opinion on the herb houttuynia, which is being used by Dr. Zhang for bartonella, and do you know of any American herbs with similar properties?
  • Treating other stealth infections with herbs Treating other stealth infections with herbs
    Dear Stephen, I would be very interested to know if you have any experience of treating infections particularly mycoplasma and chlamydia pneumonia with herbs?
  • Red root and hypercoagulation Red root and hypercoagulation
    Dear Stephen, Red Root encourages blood clotting—and most Lymies actually need blood thinners. What do you think about this?
  • When artemisinin doesn't work When artemisinin doesn’t work
    Dear Stephen, Have you ever researched the effectiveness of any of the following herbs for Babesia: magnolia bark, yarrow flowers, noni, neem, and / or turmeric?
  • Translating tincture dosages Translating tincture dosages
    Dear Stephen, Is there some general formula or guideline we can use to convert your whole herb doses to tincture drops?
  • Bartonella Bartonella
    Dear Stephen, Are there any other herbs you know of that are particularly effective against Bartonella?