Maca root for adrenal support

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Herbs, hormonal issues, miscellaneous, Symptoms | 1 comment

Dear Stephen,
Of all the adaptogens, I have encountered nothing as potent, immediate and wide spectrum as maca root in adrenal issues. Thus far it has been the only plant out of maybe 50 that actually warms my cold feet and hands. None of the adaptogens or lyme herbs did that for me. This herb needs more mention.

Stephen’s response:
Thanks for the mention.

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  1. sinead orourke

    Hi im pn lifetime steroids for severe adrenal sufficiency i also have dysautonomia my body producess 0 cortisil and a girl recommended your protocol as ive become extremly ill since startin steroids my dr wont test for lyme yhrough igogenix but im very ill everyday with cardiac breathing eating vomiting snd pain issues and cannot walk anymore since steroids …i was wondering if i took your protocol and gave up the steroids would my adrenals produce again or would this be too dangerous to try because if i dont take them i go into crisis thanks

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