Blastocystis homininis

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Dear Stephen,
Maybe you have some insight in what I could take for the parasite (orotoze, amoebe, encysted) blastocystis homininis? Any input would be appreciated. I did take Clarkia (wormwood, black walnut, clove) extract. But it does not seem to get it all. It keeps coming back. Also, what would be the dosage?

Stephen’s response:
The best herb for this is any of the berberine plants. I am not all that much of a goldenseal fan (I prefer phellodendron, coptis, etc.) but you can use it and it will work just fine. Get a tincture and no, don’t take out the alcohol and don’t use a glycerite. Take ½ tsp 3x daily for 6 weeks. If you have IBS as well, then EVERY day, on an empty stomach, use the juice of a piece of cabbage the size of a medium carrot, 3 carrots, 3 celery sticks, one medium beet, and if you can get it 3-5 fresh plantain leaves (dried is useless). If you can find fresh plantain tincture you can use that instead. Add ¼ tsp to the juice mix.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

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  1. Elaine Bartlett

    Parasites build resistance to herbs, it might be that change is all you need. I’m a Kinesiologist, not a herbalist and I’ve found that you have to use a different approach every now and again. Colloidal silver is a useful addition too.

  2. Dorina Ademi

    I also have Blastocystis hominis – and i started to take berberrine, but I also have lyme disease with all its beautiful coinfections – babesia, bartonella, and also mycoplasma.

    Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Stephen Buhner:)
    My naturopath has me on your protocol healing lyme! thank you thank you !

    i hope when I become a Naturopathic Doctor myself, I can take this knowledge and personal experience to heal others !

  3. Robert

    Berberines don’t work on blasto, and most of them are cold in nature so the more you take the more your digestive fire will start to disappear. and other sites on blasto talk about this in great detail. There are no known herbal protocols that actually stop it.

  4. Lisa Truitt

    I got rid of blast with a protocol using standard process products that my chiropractor put me on. I had a pcr dna test before positive for blasto and tested clear after the protocol.

    Protocol: weed and feed program using 1/2 tsp inulin powder working up to 2 tsp over a couple of weeks Mon through Fri.
    Then on Saturday and Sunday 2 gut flora complex softgels (containing berberine via phyllodendron and other herbs) twice daily
    And 1 garlic forte tablet twice daily.

    Do this for 10 weeks.

  5. Monika

    Hi Lisa,
    Are you still symptom free? I am considering using your suggestion as it contains berberine via phyllodendron as recommended by Stephen above. I am hoping the capsules are as effective as a tonic. I have had terrible symptoms including chronic fatigue crashes, abdominal pain, IBS, nerve pain, numbness and burning skin sensations.
    Melbourne, Australia

  6. todd

    thanks for the info lisa.
    just so that I’m understanding correctly…
    In your protocol you only take the herbs and the garlic for 2 days per week? On the other 5 days you simply take inulin?
    Cheers, todd

  7. pam Kay

    Can u help the lyme is affecting my eyes sinus and ears
    Is Japanese knotweed good for this
    Also thyroid problems under active
    And parasites for a long time from nasal passage
    Long white thread strings when I exhale through nose
    What can I take

  8. NM

    I just read an article whereby a dr thinks blastocystitis is connected to Hashimoto’s, IBS and Celiac Dis… makes sense… probably why most people with these chronic diseases have hypothyroid… Berberine is an amazing herb that will even kill tapeworm cysts…aid most organs… everyone should take but w/caution…powerful herb

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