Treating EBV and mitochondria damage

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Dear Stephen,
I’m writing from India. My lyme tests have come back negative but my Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) test is positive – both IgG and IgM. I was told resveratrol is very helpful in preventing replication of the virus – would Japanese knotweed give the same benefits for EBV as resveratrol? Also, can you please suggest what else would be helpful for EBV? Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
There are a number of herbs that are specific for EBV – but I do want to note that nearly everyone is positive for EBV. For most people it is something that does not cause problems. However, if you are experiencing chronic fatigue like symptoms, it can be the cause. The antiviral herbs specific for EBV that are also widely systemic in the body are: lomatium, andrographis, reishi, licorice, isatis, Japanese knotweed, Chinese skullcap root, and fresh ginger root. The organism also damages mitochondria and their function which is what leads to such low energy levels. The herbs specific for protecting mitochondria and their function are: cordyceps, motherwort, rhodiola, Chinese skullcap root, kudzu.
I would start with:
• Herbal tincture combination of: Chinese skullcap, licorice, isatis, and lomatium. Equal parts of each tincture mixed together, ¼ tsp 3x daily. AND
• Tincture combination of: rhodiola, reishi, kudzu. Same dosage AND
• Cordyceps 2000 mg 3x daily or tincture: ¼ tsp 3x daily (you can purchase from
And do this for 60 days and see if it helps.
You may have to buy the herbs separately and mix them yourself or try or as sources.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

Please note:

Stephen Buhner is no longer living and this Q + A column on Planet Thrive is closed to new questions. It will be kept on our website so readers can access vital information in the archives, communicate with each other in the comments section, and find herbs, books + lyme adjuncts in our directory. If you want to read more of Stephen’s writings, please see his website at:

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  1. Laura

    Hi! Im writing from sweden. I have mitochondrial problems. I have to rest after i take i shower, after i cook some food and so on. Befor i could study or work 50% but i got worse and worse over the years and now im in the sofa all day (26 years old). This is my only symtom. I have got positive on anti-borrelia IgM. But negative in IgG. The doctors here dont believe in chronic borrelia and wont help me. If i have borrelia. What herbs should i buy, how much should i eat each day and for how long?

  2. Pouya

    Hello Laura. Im feom sweden too. And i pretty much had/have the same kind of symptoms. What helped me is prolly healthy eating and vitamins as well sd baking soda and mms. But its better to go the herbway. I feel your symptoms after exercise (post-exertional malaise) and i suspect ebv dormant gotta kill it. Peace blessings.

  3. desko

    Hi to all,i hade very very big health isuess one of which is neural dissonance and CFR due to EBV. I tryed everything there is to try,did supplement,herbs ,teas ,tinctures ,mushroomes… In the process i made a botanical garden that many herbalist will envy,so i become an expert of some sort.
    And what did the trick , PROPOLIS 30% alcohol extract 30 drops try times daly for try months will do the trick This is considered a high dose and long therm therapy. Propolis is dose dependent so dubble the dose 4 times the effect,note also that Propolis is sensitasing agens it means that it can trigger allergies so try getting three or four kind of it from a different geographic location so you can go for a full three months therapy.

  4. Kamil

    Hi all

    I’ve had described symptoms since 5 years. I feel tired all day after wake-up. No matter how long I sleep I always feel the same. Anyone who wants to share tritments and tips how to get rid of mitochondrial problems, please email me.

  5. Debra Gluskin

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for all you do. Im looking at starting the above protocol for EBV.

    However, i see another post with the below protocol.

    Which do you prefer/is most up to date?



    The data on monolaurin is not complete enough to state with any confidence just how effective it is against viruses though early looks show much promise for raising immune function and its being active against a number of viruses and bacteria. I have had good results in treating EBV generated CFS with large doses of astragalus, ashwaghanda, eleutherococcus, milk thistle seed, reishi, chlorella, spirulina. Buy them in powder form, a pound each, mix together well, take ¼ cup just before bed in juice until it’s all gone, for 8 months or so.

  6. cb

    HI I am curious to try the propolis i am not able to find the 30% however but i do see 70 and 50%.. seems easy enough. wondering if anyone has used this since the last post? thank you

  7. Phil

    Any specific brands of coconut oil that readers have tried and gotten good results with? I am also curious about the Trader Joe’s brand. Thank you all in advance!

  8. Mama Asbell

    The past few years, I have been having a horrible time with Epstein Barr and allergies. I followed the protocol exactly as written for one week. The second week, due to time constraints (very sick family member), I doubled one dose and took it once a day. Then spring came early. I am happy to report that for the first time in years, I have no fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, daily fevers, congestion, headaches, etc. I am daily working outside building a barn and moving animals around on our farm. If you are having trouble with chronic EBV or seasonal allergies, I highly recommend following the protocol on this page. It has been a big blessing to me, and I am so thankful to Mr. Buhner for sharing it. It has improved my entire family’s quality of life because I am able to perform at a higher level.

  9. Gwyn

    Re: CFS protocols. The second one posted by Debra Gluskin is available as a bulk blend from Dry Creek Farm. The EBV protocol above is specific to EBV. I think the best way to achieve the EBV protocol is to buy or craft your own herbs and make tinctures. Otherwise the cost is very high, about 11-12 ounces of tincture a month.

  10. Kathy Cliff

    My herbalist has suggested an herb, Monolaurin ( from coconuts. I have only begun this herb and was suggested I give it at least a month! Still no changes, but will keep it up for at least a month! It is on Vitacost for sale! I bought mine from an herbal store called New Leaf in Santa Cruz, Ca. Good luck and I pray and wish you prayers! ❤️???

  11. Helene

    I can’t seem to find Dry Creek Farm online? Can you tell me where to find it?
    Thank you

  12. ruth

    Hi Desko-
    Did you have brain fog and did the propolis clear it up?

  13. molly

    I’m writing from the US. I was diagnosed with MS six years ago. Debilitating fatigue (due to mitochondria damage), main symptom for me which landed me in bed for most of the day. When I could, I researched consistently about this disease and a holistic approach to healing. Watched a video on Youtube stating take “Olive Leaf Extract” ( sells capsules for a nominal $) for MS. It’s the ultimate anti- oxidant and is optimal for everyone – diseased or no disease! My MS fatigue and most other MS symptoms have depleted considerably!!

  14. RalphB

    If you do a Bing search on “cats claw ebv” you’ll see a study using it against Lyme disease..which may have its origins from Epstein Barr virus. Those showed it lowered the symptoms and picked up energy levels dramatically in the group that used the herb compared to the control group.

  15. Raewyn Creak

    Hi I have just started using the cats claw herb with lemon balm and I have noticed an immediate improvement from weakness.

  16. Valerie G

    Dear Stephen,
    I started last week the following treatment, as written above
    “Herbal tincture combination of: Chinese skullcap, licorice, isatis, and lomatium. Equal parts of each tincture mixed together, ¼ tsp 3x daily. AND
    • Tincture combination of: rhodiola, reishi, kudzu. Same dosage AND
    • Cordyceps 2000 mg 3x daily or tincture: ¼ tsp 3x daily
    I feel very tired since then. I realize that I took too much of it but I was wondering if there is any die off effect of the treatment… I have so much hope of getting rid of chronic ebv ( I have hashimoto disease). Thanks

  17. healing lyme admin

    Hi Valerie,
    The Q&A is closed to new questions but I can tell you that whenever you kill bacteria, viruses or fungi, there is the chance you will have die-off symptoms. So if it is too much for you, just reduce the dosage or stop treatment until your body can recover and start again at a lower dose. Best, Julie

  18. cindy

    how do you find out what viruses you have I had test for Lyme burgdorfy how do you find what herbs to take ?

  19. Jessica

    Hello can this Premixed powder for EBV be used in conjunction with the lyme protocol

  20. Teresa

    Try methyl b12 pure encapsulations , folinic acid thorne research, Coq10 nordic naturals and. L-carnitine Metagenics…good luck

  21. Pam

    Monolaurin really helped me with EBV in addition to using high dose vitamin C.

  22. Chaitra

    Hi I am chaitra .I have cfs. I tried reishi ganoderma,spirullina, coconut oil,noni, licorice root, ashwagandha,curcumin, vit c tab,b12,Bcomplex tab. ..u should take all of these together and I am much better. Sure will recover completely. Found this regime by abdul rahman who hdo posted this on net. Pl try.

  23. Tara Saksek

    Wanting to use Cats Claw and Lemon Balm for Lyme and EBV. What dosage do I need?

  24. W E

    Can you mix equal parts of each tincture combination together and take 3/4 t. 3x daily instead of taking them separately, or is it bad to mix them together and if so, why?

  25. W E

    Will taking this protocol for 60 days cure the EBV, or does it have to be taken indefinitely and the 60 days is just to see if it helps?

  26. Jen

    Ive been taking that under the brand name Lauricidin and i have been able to stay awake every day now for about a week. Before i was constantly sleeping for the last 10 months. Also , i have been dring Kefir milk and lots of activia . i have been taking the Lauricidin for about 3 weeks now

  27. Jackie hales

    Had coxsackie and Parvo muscle aches. I’m using coxsackie straight homeopathic it’s getting better but need something for the aches any ideas

  28. Heather

    How much of each please?

  29. Marsha Kannry

    working to help our daughter with severe chronic migraines. Her grandfather had migraines.
    what herbs do you recommend for this? It is debilitating…I saw Japanese knotweed, then ‘cat’s claw’ then eleutherococcus, then possibly andrographis (can cause uncomfortable side effects so the previous three should be offered before going into andrographis). She is 50yo, what dosage amounts and daily usage do you recommend?m Thank you so much. I read this on one of your statements. Be Blessed!

  30. Leanne

    I am not a doctor & have no medical education. Read Medical medium & Stephen Buhner books – great information there.
    Viruses do that to human body!
    To you health.

  31. Cat

    Which vitamin c did you use?

  32. Name *dumitrascu

    i have pulse hight,insomnia,anxietate,this can be from mithocondria??i nead help,i have intolerance histamin,.a lot off simptoms???

  33. Aidan

    Licorice helps if someone has a Cortisol issue that is Low & most Doctors never check it regularly enough in urine or blood

  34. Lois

    Can we just take a teaspoon of coconut oil a day?

  35. Lois

    What was your protocol with these 2 products?

  36. Name *dumitrascu

    hy,i have all symptoms u have,what help you for insomnia,hight pulsse,histamin problem

  37. Kendra

    I take ViT C IV twice a week and glutathione IV. It’s very helpful.

  38. Matt

    did it work?

  39. Arlette Vanarthos

    I am staring to take on Tuesday Lyme N. I wonder if you heard of it. It kills all the spirochetes, at least 75% . I hope I fall into the 75%. It is given by a Neurologist Chiropractic Dr in Raleigh NC. Her name is Darcy Dane.
    I am praying for you brother that you find out the answers to all your questions.

  40. Kevin

    Hi I have weird burning liquid feeling in my brain

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