Chronic lyme and high blood pressure

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Dear Stephen,
I just finished your amazing book and am working with my lyme doc and will be adding some of your core herbs. Thank you so much for writing this book and for your detailed account of what happens with these bacteria and what goes on in our bodies. Really, what you wrote is remarkable and I now see my illness in a totally different (and manageable) light. I am writing because I believe I have chronic lyme. From 2004-2008 I was severely ill, but no doctor was able to diagnose me … not until I was tick-bitten THIS year and had many of my symptoms reappear. My biggest symptom–and the primary one that NEVER resolved from 2008–is high blood pressure. It is mostly normal when I am still, but when I move around or get busy, it goes 140s over 90s. I know this is NOT good, but I have adverse reactions to blood pressure medications. Have you come across any patients who have had HIGH and variable blood pressure issues due to chronic lyme, and what would you recommend to normalize it? I’d be most grateful for your suggestions.

Stephen’s response:
Juice fasting can help that immensely, alternatively I would recommend the use of motherwort tincture, ¼ tsp 3x daily for a month and see if that helps.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

Please note:

Stephen Buhner is no longer living and this Q + A column on Planet Thrive is closed to new questions. It will be kept on our website so readers can access vital information in the archives, communicate with each other in the comments section, and find herbs, books + lyme adjuncts in our directory. If you want to read more of Stephen’s writings, please see his website at:

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  1. Elly

    Fred, you sound extremely informed about this topic and I am very appreciative for your input can you please give a little information on how you’ve come to know this? Are you a doctor? Specialist? A Lymes survivor that’s been through the ringer? This questions is not meant to be offensive in any way. I’m just curious. Thank you sooo much!

  2. Fred

    Hi Elly,
    If you want to be quite competent regarding Bartonella bacterial infection, prevention and treatment, check this out:

  3. Kate Lindemann

    Teasel…..started teasel for the lyme and my systolic blood pressure dropped at least 20 points. ….I was advised to go slow adding a drop a day…I am have been doing 15 drops morning and evening for several months….but if I stop the teasel, lyme itch returns and the systolic blood pressure soars again. So grateful for teasel.

  4. Stephen

    My first symptom of tick borne infections was severe chest pain and spasms with very high BP. These episodes would last for hours, and the high BP would make my legs heavy and cause tunnel vision and ringing in ears. I thought I would die. Docs could not figure it out. After a year, I was dx with Lyme, Bart, and Babs. I have had substantial improvement with IV abx and many other meds, but still have episodes of very high BP. I am able to treat these quickly with Labetalol, Clonidine, and a little Lorazepam. It seems like many people get this. I have read that the immune response can damage nerves so that they grow more receptors for epinephrine and norepinephrine.

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