Severe weight loss and delicate stomach with lyme

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Dear Stephen,
I have Lyme and co-infections. After a briefly successful period of using a Rife machine last year, my symptoms changed and I’m not sure how to treat them. They are: • At 5’6″ I went from 140 to 110 pounds • Increased hypoglycemia, waking with hunger during the night • Gum recession and losing tooth enamel • Increased food allergies and delicate stomach • Extremely electrically sensitive—must live off of the electrical grid. How can I: 1) Gain weight, balance the hypoglycemia and prepare my stomach to prepare lyme treatment herbs? 2) Improve my dental health? 3) Treat the electrical sensitivity? I live in Arizona–is there a medical practitioner in the West you’d recommend? Thanks very much.

Stephen’s response:
The best thing for severe weight loss is fermented wheat germ 9 grams daily. For delicate stomach, fresh juice of cabbage, beets, carrots, celery, and the wild herb plantain (in front yards usually, but not in AZ) are the best things, oatmeal every day over time is good as well. The closest practitioner I know of to you is my partner Julie McIntyre in Silver City, NM, about 3 hours from Tucson.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

Please note:

Stephen Buhner is no longer living and this Q + A column on Planet Thrive is closed to new questions. It will be kept on our website so readers can access vital information in the archives, communicate with each other in the comments section, and find herbs, books + lyme adjuncts in our directory. If you want to read more of Stephen’s writings, please see his website at:

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  1. amiety

    stephen i have been diagnosed with dientomeba and have not treated for 5 months now bloating, burning. was worried what the antibioitcs would do to lyme.. do you know anyone in melbourne australia who can help me with your protocol? dont now what treating the parasite will do to lyme symptoms – at the moment very fuzzy, tingly, crawling head and also burning, crawling sensations all over body… very concerend as children also have parasite and daughter has leaky gut too. worried what anbtiotiocs will do. wbat can I take to support her gut with herbs if take anbitiobits for parasite. she is 10 son is 12. thanks for helping..

  2. Katie

    Would you know of a good lyme specialist in Enfield, Connecticut area and/or northern Connecticut area that knows about your work? Not sure if I have lyme. Had blood work done but comes out positive but i do have similar symptoms, trouble concentrating, brain fog, trouble remembering things, vertigo, headaches beyond belief, constipation, trouble urinating, not knowing when I have to urinate or bowel movements. What is the best way to test for lyme? I know it can show up negative each time with blood work since stealth microbes hide in the joints. Also my 9 month old got bit by a tick back in Nov. 2015. Should I be concerned? No rash, seems more sleepy now.

  3. healing lyme admin

    Hi Katie,
    The Q & A is now closed to new questions, but you can find the answers to your questions on the site – just use the search feature to search the archives or any of the items in the top navigation menu. The list of Buhner herbalists by state is here: Best, Julie

  4. shawna

    Hi there,
    I also had/have dientomeba and have been treated with
    1) 10 days Flagyl (for parasite)
    2) 1 month doxy and nitaxonide (for Lyme and parasite)
    3) 3 weeks of paramoycin and idodoquinol
    4) 1 week of paramoycin
    I have relapsed (i think 3 times with the parasite) but perhaps it was never killed off and stool samples were inaccurate or the Lyme keeps allowing it to come back?
    I have the exact same symptoms as you. Crawling, tingly right side of head and the last time I had bloating and very bad needle pricks/burning sensation in my lower abdomen.
    I am now experiencing headaches daily and joint pain in knees but do not know if from Lyme or Dientomeba.
    How are you doing? Have you recovered? What have you treated with?

  5. Amiety

    Shawna we are very unwell my gut has been totally ruined as did intensive colonics over shirt period of time feel like I’m dying and all lyme symptoms have intensified.. how are you. My children have not been treated

  6. Caroline

    Hi shawna,
    I live in byron bay and I treated my daughter (12) for diantamobea (spelling) with Paromonycin for 10 days then Triprim for 10 days, this was about a year ago and all has been well. I have Lymes and have been sick for 18months and have just found out late Nov 17. I see a great Lyme dr and have been doing antibiotics for the last six weeks. I am also a naturopath and am doing all the supplements and herbs according to Stephens protocol. There is a women who gets herbs that you can’t readily get in Australia – she is in Lismore. Let me know if you need any info – happy to help. Caroline

  7. Caroline

    Hi Amiety, I replied to Shawna comment, read that, Happy Ti help. Caroline

  8. Evy

    Hi I am Evy from Belgium I have Lyme since 4,5 years
    I am losing weight really rapidly. I am 48kg It started to go faster downhill after I took artemisia/hydrastis canad./eucalyptus for parasites in the gut. Is it cause my microbiome has no defense anymore or because I triggered Lyme cysts to spirochetes? I have 3 books Herbal antivirals, antibiotics and Healing Lyme 2nd edition. I do take hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, Great lakes gelatin, l-proline, choline, Cats Claw and Japanese Knotweed. (Until now I still can eat 3 times a day with lots of intolerances butI eat meat and fish, fruits, veggies, rice, potatoes…) I am ordering Andrographis but it will be 2 weeks before it is here. What can I do to stop losing this tissue?? (my tummy, my arms and legs) I am really getting scared.

  9. Carolina

    Dear all, I just want to let everyone know Lyme can trigger instability f mast cells,furthered by antibiotic use and even plants. Taking care of the gut mastcells isparamount throughout your treatment (I see a lot of food sensitivity, gut or malabsorption problems in the comments) and b easy with your protocol while not everything is Lyme (I realized a lot of mine was mast cell when I thought they were Lyme). It is easy to add (an Herb a supplement) but hard toremove (sugar, too much grains, stress) but sometimes Not doing something is what truly helps with foundations. Food should come first. If you take probiotics I would advise histamine breaking strains instead of histamine producing strains, and not too much fermented foods. There is a lot about die online but Yasmina at healing histamine has a lot about taking care mast cells naturally so does Alison Vickery who is a great resource for gut health. Otherwise all the foundational things are true when dealing with Lyme : it is an inflammatory illness not just an infectious one. I wish I had gone through my treatment with these principles in mind but I did notand now I have a mast cell disorder.

  10. Carolina

    PS: mast cell issues will cause food intolerances, sometimes severe.

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