Using real life to retrain an MCS brain

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Leaving MCSChange happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” ― Tony Robbins

After experiencing enough healing after years of formal brain retraining and EFT practices, Planet Thrive founder, Julie Genser, has moved away from the safety of the chemically sensitive community in Snowflake, Arizona where she lived for five years after becoming severely disabled by environmental illness. She sold all of her protective gear for managing the illness in the process – including her oxygen tank, Heavenly Heat sauna, metal furniture, ceramic mask and tygon tubing, and many other items. Julie used the proceeds to treat herself to a raw food chef class at a non-toxic healing retreat center – something she has wanted to do for years. She took these actions as part of her own self-devised brain retraining program that uses real life to retrain the brain by creating positive new experiences to replace the old traumatic memories that cluttered her life around the time she became disabled.

Having pared down her personal possessions to fit in the trunk of her car, Julie has gone back to her former nomadic roots and plans to travel around the Southwest over the next year to spend time in various healthy communities before deciding where to settle down long-term. She still plans to live a non-toxic, chemical free lifestyle, but wanted to be closer to culture and community where she can find connection, purpose, and non-toxic career options as she creates an abundant life after years of extreme deprivation.

Read more about her move here: Leaving MCSville: Using real life to retrain my brain.


  1. Lynn

    All my best, Julie. You are very brave.

  2. earthwalker

    Thank you so much, Lynn!!! xxx

  3. Christine Weeber

    Julie, An additional note here…This woman’s work might be of interest to you, particularly her reversal of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for those of us who are highly sensitive—start at the top with transcendence (where we tend to ‘live’ anyway and what a lot of our sensing picks up on) and *then* work our way down…

  4. earthwalker

    Thanks for the link Christine. I have seen this website before and think it is very good. Thanks for sharing with our readers. xx

  5. elisa byard

    Listened to an interview re; someone living in Snowflake. Im passionate about chemical free environment. Have some unexplained skin rashes treated not healed.. thus needed to change… found out and purchased products from a different company Melaluca uses natural ingreditents in cleaning products, vitamins, personal care. Now my question is, as i live inner city, could i be suffering from checmical intorlerance.. what type of Physican to see. I have gotten allergy test nothing unusal just pollen, ragweed problem.. i wish you all the best in healing and building a better defense for you body. Elisa

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