Dear Stephen,
My 10 year old daughter has been odd for 15 months. Me, too. She tested positive to babesia but has not had any antibiotics. I tested positive to dientamoeba fragilis in Dec 2015 and my daughter in Jan 2016 – doctors say she does not need treatment as she has no diarrhea and is not vomiting. She is having “hot”sweats/flushes, is not putting on sufficient weight in 12 months and it is getting harder for her to fall asleep. Can you help with suggestions? I am beginning to think my entire family has the parasite – I don’t know if it is babesia or dientamoeba – it’s all very confusing but I need to do something. Can you make any suggestions?
Stephen’s response:
You can try the babesia protocol in the babesia book as well as using boneset tea (it’s bitter, needs honey at minimum) for the sweats/flushes. Sweats/hot flushes are not all that common with dientamoeba infections. For sleep try melatonin liquid at night; it works well for me.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

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  1. Moi

    Mold causes nightswests too. To very sick and genetically susceptible people it’s more intense. Beware of people who label all night sweets as tick borne. Cancer and moldare just 2 serious conditions that also cause night sweats.

  2. Kim

    No comment (as I don’t know) on the original two issues, but I concur on the mold comment. We have found that mold becomes a huge issue with and without Lyme, one family member had it, one didn’t, both got nuked with antibiotics that weakened the gut and made everything worse. If it is possible, try to sleep somewhere that is definitely not moldy for at least a week – if you are near Maryland, I suggest camping in Assateague on the beach in a new tent with a new sleeping bag and no clothes from your house. That is what we did, accidentally, and discovered that mold was causing problems that we thought was Lyme etc. Regarding Lyme, I know a second pathogen has been definitively identified as an untreated coinfection, btw. Wishing you luck and strength and healing!

  3. Akhil Arya

    Babesia is a tiny parasite that contaminates your red platelets. Disease with Babesia is calledbabesiosis. The parasitic disease is typically transmitted by a tick bite. Babesiosis frequently happens in the meantime as Lyme sickness.

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