Herbs necessary during/after antibiotics?

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Dear Stephen,
I do not have a full positive for lyme but I feel fairly certain this is what I have. I am currently on antibiotics for 3 weeks now and still have symptoms. Would you recommend I start the core protocol while on antibiotics or wait until I am done, another week, or go for more testing? Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, start the protocol.


  • Stephen Harrod Buhner

    Stephen Harrod Buhner was an Earth poet and an award-winning author of twenty-four books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment, and herbal medicine including the acclaimed book Healing Lyme: Natural Healing & Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis & Its Co-infections.

    Stephen came from a long line of healers including Leroy Burney, Surgeon General of the United States under Eisenhower and Kennedy, and Elizabeth Lusterheide, a midwife and herbalist who worked in rural Indiana in the early nineteenth century. The greatest influence on his work, however, was his great-grandfather C.G. Harrod who primarily used botanical medicines, also in rural Indiana, when he began his work as a physician in 1911.

    Stephen’s work has appeared or been profiled in publications throughout North America and Europe including Common Boundary, Apotheosis, Shaman’s Drum, The New York Times, CNN, and Good Morning America. Stephen lectured yearly throughout the United States on herbal medicine, the sacredness of plants, the intelligence of Nature, and the states of mind necessary for successful habitation of Earth.

    He was a tireless advocate for the reincorporation of the exploratory artist, independent scholar, amateur naturalist, and citizen scientist in American society – especially as a counterweight to the influence of corporate science and technology.

This protocol was incredible. After only a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After six months all my symptoms were gone… it has given me my life back.

– Amazon review by Joseph

Please note:

Stephen Buhner is no longer living and this Q + A column on Planet Thrive is closed to new questions. It will be kept on our website so readers can access vital information in the archives, communicate with each other in the comments section, and find herbs, books + lyme adjuncts in our directory. If you want to read more of Stephen’s writings, please see his website at: stephenharrodbuhner.com.

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  1. Angie Burdick

    Hello Stephen, I am writing on behalf of my daughter. She is 23 and has had 2 positive lyme tests. We have received little help from the doctors and so called lyme specialist. We have spent tremendous amounts of money on treatment for her and so far nothing has helped her. She is in pain every day and is just miserable. I fear she is losing hope can you please help us. I don’t know a whole lot about these herbs and I know you have to be careful where to buy them. Oh yes they also suspect my daughter has a confection of babesia. Please anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated. God bless.

  2. Teresa

    I’m so sorry! It’s very frustrating when there is no one to help. We’ve been there. My daughter has been sick for 5 years. I’m just a customer with no medical training just a lot of research. We recently visited a Lyme doctor who prescribed 4 antibiotics simultaneously. Dr. Horowitz has a website that was helpful. Unfortunately my daughter couldn’t tolerate ithis antibiotic routine. She was then prescribed natural medicines such as the Japanese knotweed, grapefruit seed extract, artimesinin etc. and I think at our next doctor visit they will add more. She has Lyme, bart and babesia too. I have heard many people have been healed from the Buhner protocol. I would recommend reading his book. It’s very helpful. There are many protocols out there so don’t give up. Buhner, Cowden, Horowitz, Biocidin. She may be having herx so research that if she is on medicine currently. There are supplements to take to help. It’s important to take herbs such as bentonite, activated charcoal like GI Detox to detox and absorb /remove the toxins from her body as the Lyme is killed. My daughter has MTHFR too so she need extra methyl B”s. Alia seltzer Gold is good To take. Omega 3. C&D. For metal toxicity we take Cilantro/Chlorella.

  3. Marcy Pollan

    Dear Stephen,

    I am symptomatic for Lyme after being bitten twice…4-5 weeks ago and again 2 weeks ago. I haven’t been tested but have a microscope and am seeing indications in my blood but no biofilm as of yet. I am ambivalent about antibiotics and have not started a regimen. Am experiencing all the usual symptoms, mild, although vivid dreams (could indicate babesia). I see different input about whether to take antibiotics along with your protocol. Is it recommended, now that it’s been 5 weeks, to take an antibiotic, along with your protocol? If so, is Doxy sufficient or do you recommend another? I do have access to ozone therapy as well, and take a redox supplement that has knocked back symptoms for many people I know who originally thought they were dealing with auto-immune disorders. Hearing great feedback about the success of your protocols, and very impressed with your website. Thanks so much for any advice. Marcy

  4. cindy

    How to start ?Do you know of Restore by Dr William Rawls with Vital Plan ? He says his protocol is based on Stephen Burhners protocol is it ?I am suffering would like to know how to start Stephen Burhners protocol ?

  5. Ray

    Take doxy antibiotics for 14 days. You can use the herbs with the antibiotics, and after. The herbs are good, but I wish that I had had access to doxy at first. It can take a long time to get cured with herbs. You might nip it in the bud…

  6. Deanna Devaney

    How long do I stay on the LB protocol from Green Dragon herbs? I found this is what Mr. Buhner recommends. I’m doing 3 weeks of doxycycline and from there site it looks like it will take about 3 weeks for the LB protocol to arrive. But HOW LONG do I stay on the LB PROTOCOL? THANKS SO MUCH!

  7. Kay

    Hi Stephen, great book! I have the arthritic symptoms so am also doing all your recommendations for that.
    I’ve added 1/2# stevia herb to the tea mixture because of the incredible results using stevia to kill the spirochetes in vitro. Afraid an entire pound would make it too sweet tasting and I wanted to be able to drink it. 1/2# is very tolerable.

  8. Star Horstman

    Hi Stephen,
    My 11 year old was diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia on May 1st, 2017. We have been treating with antibiotics since then (Augmentin daily, azithro daily – until recently we started every other and pulse dosing of tindamax, with other herbals/vitamins). He is so much better (symptoms were primarily neuro-psychiatric with extreme fatigue, insomnia and visual symptoms Of Lyme). In the very early stages he couldn’t leave the house and wore sunglasses nonstop even at night. It appeared that he was hallucinating or having extreme derealizations to the point of screaming/crying until he exhausted himself. He is still tired, but functioning (going to school again and back to Sports). The visual symptoms seem to be his main complaint. Sensitive to bright light, floaters, visual snow. He says it feels like there is a lens or film over his eyes and he wishes we could remove it. I have read both books, Healing Lyme and Lyme Coinfections. I am ready to start the protocol and am currently ordering the herbals.
    3 questions:
    1) should he do the core protocol and the extra supplements you suggest for eye involvement or just eye involvement since those are his major symptoms (I guess I am just nervous to try everything since he is a child and is on so much already, but am willing to do what is needed for him to be symptom free).
    2) Does he need to stop Biocidin?
    3) Should he take something for biofilm? Limbrokinase? I am reading mixed info on this.
    Thank you so much!

  9. Alina

    Hi, I was wondering if you would recommend to take antibiotics for case of European Lyme which was undiagnosed for over a decade? The doctor prescribed oral antibiotics for 21 days, and specialist wants to do iv antibiotics for at least a month, but I am very skeptical that will help and not just damage my immune system, since it’s been so long since initial infection. Or would herbal treatments be sufficient and more beneficial? Thank you,

  10. Katie

    Hello, This might seem like a totally weird question , but I have researched and found it is possible for a tick to live inside the human body, first question is what natural supplement can I take to kill the ticks inside because I fear it may have layed eggs ,
    Second question is what to take to get parasites away from brain!

  11. Carly Feigan

    Hi, I found a tick about 8 days ago and Im about to go for blood tests. I already have symptoms eevn though I found the tick and removed it within 24 hours of being bitten. My doc says she saw a second tick bite near the site of the first. My symptoms are interrupted sleep, tingling inside my head and tingling in my right hand..Ive started using cats claw, and olive leaf. Just found your LYMES protocol and ordered yur book. Im a nutritionist and herbalist.. and Im optimistic. How are co-infections diagnosed? During the initial blood test?

  12. Declan Rothwell

    Hi Stephen
    I am in Ireland and have Lyme. Are Napiers a good source of the core protocol herbs? Or where is the best place for me to get them , given I live in ireland? Thanks Declan

  13. Bobby Zapp

    just wanted to put it out there. Please try “Lithium orotate” for brain fog. Also try charcoal, coffee enemas, and soaking your body or feet in Epsom salt to detoxify.Is anyone out their feeling like their feet are moving with their symptoms?Would love to know if other feel this symptom. Please feel free to email me. Peace …

  14. Joan McMahon

    Can I take Buhner herbs lomatium for Brucella and sida acuta for babesiosis if they are not opened and have expiration date for two more years. Want to make sure they are not toxic. I ordered them two years ago but was afraid to take them with antibiotics. I am back on minocycline and it is helping with nerve dysfunction symptoms.

  15. Mimi Brunner

    Will the Samsara Tick Immune Support help with Ehrlichiosis? It mentions Lyme.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Agnes

    Hello. I received a bite 10 days ago, on day 2 of the bite it became a bullseye, but I never saw a tick. I am already on lugol’s oil and other herbs and I am awaiting a delivery of herbs from my naturopath. I also received Doxy antibiotics from my doctor. My dilemma is, should I just go with the herbs or should I take the antibiotics too? It is a course of 12 days, 2 100mg tablets a day. Many thanks, a very interesting website this.

  17. Brock

    Do herbs need to be taken away from antibiotics?

  18. Joel Turtel

    In Stephen Buhner’s book, “Herbal Antibiotics”, in his treatment protocol for various diseases, he would write, for example: “Formulation — Cryptolepis and Sida Acuta (equal parts) tincture: 1 tsp – 1 tbl, 3-6x daily . .”
    Can you clarify what you mean by “equal parts”? Does that mean, for example, 1 tsp to 1 tbl EACH of Cryptolepis and Sida Acuta (TOTAL of 2 tsp or tbl?), OR 1 tsp to 1tbl TOTAL for both Crypto and Sida, meaning 1/2 tsp or tbl each of Crypto and Sida to make a TOTAL of 1 tsp or tbl?
    Thank you.

  19. healing lyme admin

    Hi Joel,
    I’m pretty sure that means 1 tsp – 1 TBS 3-6x day TOTAL of the blended tincture. But to make the tincture, you use equal parts of the herbs named. For example, to make 1 tsp of the tincture, you would use 1/2 tsp Cryptolepis and 1/2 tsp Sida Acuta. Hope that makes sense for you. If not, let me know. Best, Julie

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