Raw Cacao Mousse + Raspberry Pistachio Bark

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Recipes

For years I was too unwell to do anything in the kitchen. But now, I’m so thankful to be able to prepare luscious deserts like this Raw Cacao Mousse with Pistachio Bark! Due to my current dietary restrictions, I’m unable to enjoy these culinary creations, but it’s an absolute joy to prepare them for loved ones to celebrate holidays and birthdays.

bark ingredients:
• 2 oz (55 g) coconut butter
• 14 oz (400 ml) tin coconut cream
• pinch of sea salt
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• handful of raspberries
• handful of pistachio kernels, roughly chopped

1) Line a baking tray or glass baking dish with parchment paper.

2) Melt the coconut butter in a bain-marie (bowl sitting over boiling water).

3) Add the coconut cream, salt and vanilla, stir to combine.

4) Pour onto the prepared tray and scatter with the raspberries and pistachios.

5) Freeze for 30 minutes or until hard. Remove from the freezer and break into shards. Store in an airtight container in the freezer.

mousse ingredients:

• 2 ripe avocados
• 1/2 cup (4 oz) coconut cream (preferably chilled in the fridge overnight)
• 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
• 1 tbsp (or to taste) rice malt syrup or other liquid sweetener of choice
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
• pinch of sea salt


1) Blend all the ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth.

2) Place mousse in glasses or small mason jars and chill before serving for 1-2 hours.

3) When ready to eat, top with shards of Raspberry and Pistachio Bark.

  • Amelia Hill

    Amelia knows firsthand that adversity is a powerful catalyst for life changing growth and dig-deep/rise-high soul transformation. When a serious health crisis rendered her bed-bound and isolated in a single stripped back, allergy free, ‘safe room’ struggling to move, eat, talk and breathe for many years, Amelia discovered a brave new perspective.

    She now shares her story to inspire others to fire up their own courage, grow through whatever they’re going through and keep reaching for their best self, their biggest dreams and their inextinguishable potential for greatness no matter the circumstance or situation.

    Amelia has written for many publications including Body & Soul Magazine, The Huffington Post, House & Garden Magazine and The Daily Telegraph, is the author of 'You Can and You Will - 100 Belief Boosting Pep Talks To Get You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be’ and is host of the podcast, DIG DEEP RISE HIGH.


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