Brain Retraining Programs are Helping Post-COVID Syndrome!

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Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

Both the Gupta Brain Retraining Program and the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ are being used with success to help COVID long haulers. “Long haulers” is the term being used for those who have lingering symptoms of COVID long after contracting the virus. These two brain retraining programs have been used for the past 10+ years to help those with limbic system disorders resulting in often disabling hypersensitivities to a wide range of things (foods, mold, chemicals, bedding/clothing, the sun, and electromagnetic fields included) as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and other conditions.

These two programs essentially reset limbic system function back to normal, after toxic injury has caused the brain to overreact to many substances. Symptoms of hypersensitivity syndromes can be severe and even life-threatening — like seizures, heart attacks, temporary paralysis, extreme rage/suicidal ideation. For years now, these brain retraining programs have been transforming thousands of lives. What used to be a life sentence to chronic pain, deprivation and isolation are now healable illnesses. While not everyone who uses the program eliminates all of their symptoms; there is certainly a huge range of improvements possible, from minor to completely life transforming. A limbic system reboot can be helpful for anyone, and is now being shown to help those with post-COVID symptoms.

It appears that some people who contract COVID are thrown into a fight-or-flight brain loop, which causes all sorts of symptoms. If that person previously had chemical sensitivities, they might find their sensitivities reactivated. But both the former chemically sensitive and the previously healthy are being equally helped by both the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and the Gupta Brain Retraining programs. Both programs can be used in conjunction with any other COVID treatments — from pharmaceutical interventions to more holistic treatments.

Want to learn more? Visit the websites of the respective programs to read more about how rewiring your brain can help with post-COVID syndrome and read the stories of individuals who have experienced success using these programs. If you know someone who has not been able to get rid of COVID-related symptoms months after testing negative for the virus, please tell them about brain retraining programs and how they can help!


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