15 Summer Hydration Drinks

by | Jun 23, 2024 | Nutrition, Recipes | 0 comments

Summer is finally here and boy, is it hot in Arizona! I know other areas of the country are having heat waves so I wanted to share this PDF download I put together called 15 Summer Hydration Recipes to help you stay hydrated this summer, and all year round! The PDF shares 15 recipes but also reviews the components of a good hydration drink and offers some tools to help you maximize the health benefits of your drinking water.

I have a vested interest in hydration drinks because I’ve suffered from dehydration for many years due to Crohn’s Disease, and I struggle with electrolyte balance daily. That means I’ve tried a lot of different drinks and commercial electrolyte mixes. I’ve included my top picks, with the hopes that some of these will work for you. Of course, we are all different and some people need magnesium, while others need more sodium (like myself) so you will need to find the drink that has the right mineral ratio for your body’s needs. I’d love to hear if you try any of these, and how they work for you. DOWNLOAD NOW


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