The Path of the Serpent Owl

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Opinion Piece | 1 comment

photo: © Richard Crossley, CC BY-SA 3.0

It’s okay not to have New Years resolutions

It’s okay not to have big goals for your life

It’s okay not to have plans you want to


It’s okay not to chase your dreams

That path is not for everyone

Some walk the path of


They are traveling the road


Seeking the core

What is basic and essential

What has been there all along

Though we may be headed the same direction

Our spirals are mirror opposites

Some walk the path of the visionary

Creating abundance and

Dancing inside a multiplicity of forms

And Some walk the path

of the serpent owl

Becoming more and more naked

Shedding layers of fantasy into the ash

Night sky

Sitting in the dark

And seeing the way the wind moves

They do not walk a line or

poise their arrow to the target

They sit at the bottom of the ocean

And wait

Letting the waves devour them

They are following the pulse

of listening

To silence

Like a tiger in the brush

Waiting for existence to strike lightening

Into the fire of the heart

For this kind

Nothing less will do

Some are opening the palms of their hands

And unraveling

To become

Less and less

Until they are


To become the still point

In the center of


You know who you are

Keep going

The Deep Feminine Mystery School
Note: The Path of the Serpent Owl is available on Spotify as a musical spoken word journey

1 Comment

  1. earthwalker

    I so resonate with these words. I’ve spent the last two years studying relationship dynamics and how to be more feminine after a lifetime of having to be in my masculine to survive. I’m tired of pushing, of always striving. I am exhausted. Adrenal burnout, anyone? I’m learning to be more receptive to life (which is feminine), and to rest and relax in the safety of my body. To allow creativity and passion to naturally flow forth from an inner font. Our whole culture is based on women being in their masculine and always pushing to do and be more. COVID seems to have changed that a bit and I notice more and more women posting on Facebook about resting and taking care of themselves. I am loving the trend.

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