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Focus On: Mercury PoisoningThe United States, along with other countries, has a strange policy of implanting the third most potent neurotoxic element on earth into the mouths of its children. Dentists must follow hazardous waste disposal regulations for the same substance they claim causes no ill health effects when placed in teeth which chomp, bite, and chew our food daily, releasing mercury vapors from friction with our amalgam fillings. It is criminal that the American Dental Association (ADA) still recommends mercury for dental fillings in the U.S. when thermometers containing this neurotoxin have long since been banned and after it has become general knowledge that one should avoid certain fish due to mercury contamination.

Mercury poisoning is fast becoming a major health problem worldwide, with amalgam fillings being only one source of exposure: smoke from coal-fired electrical plants, broken mercury thermometers and fluorescent bulbs, immunizations, and contaminated seafood also contribute.

It’s not just mercury that is contaminating our food, tissues, and brains. Other heavy metals such as arsenic (found in water), cadmium (in cigarette smoke), and lead (in old paint chips and water pipes) are increasingly challenging the health of both children and adults. Many autistic children have heavy metal poisoning, since their ability to excrete metals is greatly impaired. Metals are also implicated in Lyme disease and other neurological illnesses; a synergistic and protective relationship is thought to exist between some heavy metals and certain bacteria, parasites, viruses and candida infections.

To remove metals from the body and brain, one must follow a chelation program that literally pulls heavy metals through, and out of, the body. Chelation techniques are controversial because the process can cause more harm as dangerous metals pass through the excretory system and if done incorrectly, may redistribute mercury to the organs, tissues, and brain. There are some chelation practitioners who insist that mercury fillings are removed before beginning a chelation program.

We encourage you to do a lot of research before starting chelation and not to blindly trust your physician or other practitioner who may claim to be an expert. The fact is, chelation is a relatively new detoxification process and, as complex as it is, it is best to err on the side of caution since there are no tried and true solutions for heavy metal removal.

Some of the seemingly safer and more successful chelation programs are being used in the autism community, where there is a wealth of information available to both parents of autistic children and chelating adults. No matter what approach you take, it is important to concurrently support the liver, kidneys, intestines and other detoxification and excretory organs with appropriate dietary improvements, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes. Please review the recommended links and resources below for more information.

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