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Mudrās for Healing

Vitarka Mudra. 8th century wall painting at Bezeklik, Tarim BasinMudrās are a system of symbolic hand gestures and finger postures used in Hinduism and Buddhism. Some mudrās will include the entire body. Mudrā literally means “posture” or “seal” in Sanskrit, and acts as an energetic seal of authenticity in spiritual practice. Mudrās can be used in meditation, yoga, dance, and other rites and rituals.

Mudrās have been in use for ages – the exact date of origin is unknown – and have been found on all continents, used by all religions and the non-religious alike. Some of the mudrās can be used specifically for healing. They work on the nerves, through concentrated nerve root endings in our fingertips, to redirect free energy back to the chakras and restore equilibrium. As with most yogic and other practices, using them incorrectly may result in no benefit, or even harm, so be sure to study with a master and practice sincerely.

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Part I

Part II

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