Janet Dauble, founder of Share, Care and Prayer, Inc.As many of you know, Janet Dauble, the Founder of Share, Care and Prayer, Inc., a nonprofit support organization for those with Environmental Illness, passed away on January 25, 2011. A memorial service was conducted on February 12, 2011 in Frazier Park, Caifornia. We will all miss Janet and her kind, compassionate and supportive work with Share, Care and Prayer, work that she considered her ministry.

Many of you have been asking if the work of Share, Care and Prayer will continue in some form. Those of us in the E.I. community hope that this work can be continued. I have spoken with Carolyn Gorman who has been providing the Share, Care and Prayer E.I. answer line for many years. She has assured me that she will be continuing to do an E.I. answer line, a donation based phone line for those with Environmental Illness who have E.I. Questions.

Donations for the E.I. answer line will now be going directly to Carolyn at the following address:

Carolyn Gorman
P.O. Box 868113
Plano, Texas 75086-8113

Carolyn Gorman and The E.I. Answer Line are available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 1pm Central Time. The phone number is (972) 964-8333.

Thank you Carolyn for continuing this important work!

Carolyn has also stated that she will be creating a website and will try to continue the Penpal directory and have a newsletter written. We are hoping that the Lending Library might also continue. We have some ideas for continuing other aspects of this work such as having a Prayer Line, Prayer list or Prayer Chain and Prayer partners. Many ideas are still in the formative stages. She is looking for people who might like to help. If you wish to help to continue this valuable work in some way please call Carolyn or email her at: carolyn.gorman@verizon.net (please do not email her unless you wish to help carry forward this work in some way or have an E.I. question, thank you!).

Patricia Mann RN, MSN
One of the grateful recipients of Share, Care and Prayer’s Support

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