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Dakota Free Personal Care ProductsChemical-free personal care product companies like Karen’s Naturals and Dakota Free use minimal ingredients (with full disclosure), usually with a base of organic oils like jojoba, coconut or olive.

Dakota Free
After suffering from a severe pesticide poisoning, this family developed personal care and home products pure enough for themselves, and now sells the line to you from their little farm on the prairie—all natural, latex-, fragrance- and gluten-free.

Natural comfort collection—providing relief to thousands of people with sensitivities and allergies.

Karen’s Naturals
Specializing in products made for people with chemical sensitivity, asthma, allergies, skin sensitivities, those undergoing chemotherapy, and others wanting fragrance free personal care products.

Mission: to provide organic and naturally safer products—and information—to help you reduce your daily exposures to unnecessary and hazardous chemicals.

Magick Botanicals
Fragrance-free products for the chemically sensitive. 800.237.0674

Max Green Alchemy
Personal care products that are paraben-, petrochemical-, gmo-, sls/sles-, phthalate-, and cruelty-free—certified vegan, and of pure plant origin.

Shopping site for the health conscious and environmentally sensitive person.


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  2. QueBMFLewis

    I purchased financed a brand new car for the first time in Canada. I was never given the Bill of Sale.. The only indication of the total purchase price was my bank loan which was higher than what I agreed on. So I followed up with the dealership to get the bill of sale. They never responded. So I followed up with OMVIC Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council and finally got very bad quality soft copy of the bill of sale with my fake signature and initials on it. There are some extras that I never agreed to pay for.. Would I be able to sue the dealership and return my car or at least get compensated for extra charges?.

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