All charges against Dr. William J. Rea dismissed

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William J. Rea, M.D.Great news for those concerned about having a place to get treatment if they are chemically injured. William J. Rea, M.D., founder and director of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas (EHC-D), was accused of practicing “pseudoscience” and injecting patients with jet fuel by the Texas Medical Board. The EHC-D recently reported that after years of legal battles Dr. Rea was finally exonerated of all charges, but left with astronomical legal bills. The below letter just came in from the EHC-D sharing the good news, and asking for donations to help cover the costs of Dr. Rea’s legal defense team – please send in a donation if you are able:

Dear Friends,
It is my great pleasure to inform you that all of the charges by the Texas Medical Board against Dr. William Rea have been dismissed! Dr. Rea extends his utmost appreciation to all of you from around the world, for your unwavering support and encouragement during such a trying time. For years, the Texas Medical Board has been relentless in their pursuit of any proof of wrong-doing by Dr. Rea, in their exhaustive attempts to disallow the practice of environmental medicine, thus eliminating proper medical care for the chemically sick and injured patient.

It is through tireless perseverance, year after year, in front of the Texas Medical Board that Dr. Rea and his team of legal experts championed the validity and necessity of environmental medicine and presented the stark reality of thousands who suffer from the challenges of a much misunderstood disease called environmental illness.

Friends, this victory is immensely significant for thousands of chemically sensitive people from all over the world who continue to benefit from the more than 30 years of medical innovation and insight of Dr. Rea. The doors of the Environmental Health Center – Dallas will continue to remain open as a place of refuge for getting help and understanding. This victory is truly astounding but it has come at a great cost. The legal defense fund set up to finance this herculean effort has been depleted and the legal bills yet to be paid are astronomical. On behalf of Dr. Rea, I am reaching out to you to request contributions, no matter how large or small, be made to assist in our endeavor to retire the cost of this victory.

Please send your donations to:

The William J. Rea Legal Defense Fund
8345 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 220
Dallas, Texas 75231
Attn: Ellie

Again, Dr. Rea wishes to share his exuberance in the preservation of environmental medicine and he extends his sincere gratitude to all of you for your part in making this victory possible.

With Warm Regards,
Barbara J. Pond, Environmental Health Center – Dallas


  1. livewmcs

    That’s “WONDERFUL” to hear!!!

  2. Connie Rae

    Still good news…answers to prayer on his behalf and on all those who have benefited from the clinic. I benefited second hand…well at first they talked to me and sent helpful info, but early on I was too sick to go…but they still sent helpful info and I got good resources to begin my MCS journey. Still the clinic was in the back of my mind as an option, if I ever needed it…and thankfully, it still is part of my HOPE package. Thank God for Dr. Rea and all the work he has done for the MCS community. May God provide all that he needs to keep going.

  3. don

    All the info I read on the net and experiences I’ve had with the doctors I visited due to my personal health issues made me realize that pseudoscience in fact is the modern/western medicine and prescription drugs with death as side effect approved by FDA. FDA is a tool for big pharma to ban unpatentable natural substances that cure diseases. FDA is also used to ban unpatentable natural sweetener Stevia as food additive so that patent owners of artificial sweeteners like Sucralose(Splenda) or Aspartame(NutraSweet) can make big bucks. The first thing Reagan did after he took the office is to replace FDA’s chief who refused to approve Aspartame which is the sweetener in most soft drinks today. FDA will approve stevia as food additive in processed forms that are patentable which is something pepsi and coca cola are working on currently. Same old story, big corps buy politicians (mainly republicans) to get what they want from government which always conflicts with people’s interest.

  4. JA

    We just got home from Dr. Rea’s in Dallas and had heard nothing about this. (May 2011)
    My mom has been a patient of Dr. Rea’s for around 30 years and would not have lived this long had it not been for him and his clinic. I try to spread the word to all who will listen.

    We got home 3 weeks ago and have had a battle with the HOA. She has used oxygen for at least 5 years and they delivered to front door of condo and used phone to call her and she was able to buzz them in.
    Now that she is older, (97 in Aug.) they’ve decided she has to have it delivered to lower garage where she needs someone on hand to let them in, unlock the elevator door, unlock the elevator itself and come up to the 3rd floor to deliver it to her.
    Dr. Rea just wrote out a prescription for her to have her 02 for 2 hrs. a day, making delivery more often. They aren’t willing to let mgt. be available for delivery and she must find her own help or do it herself. And if she can’t manage, maybe she’d better go to a nursing home.

    Such compassion is normal for this condo, but it’s a safe place, she can shut out most smells & chemicals and she could never live in assisted living (it would kill her) as she needs organic food rotated over 6 days. That’s why she has to live here. I do check on her and call 4-5 times a day, make sure she has someone to help when I’m out of town, etc. She still has many capabilities thanks to Dr. Rea. I take her to grocery store when she feels up to it, or take a list for her.

    There are NO doctors who understand her problems nor do they want to. Most think she’s lame in the head or in need of a shrink. And folks, this is our esteemed medical profession without understanding of what the chemicals are doing to all of us, mostly the children.

    Probably the worst part is family. They simply don’t understand and would rather not deal with it. It took me years trying to grasp the situation, but I did love my mom enough to stand by her and help as needed. We drive to Dallas every year to have new testings & see Dr. Rea. Not easy when she can’t stay in most(all) motel rooms while traveling. Since I don’t sleep well at motels, I usually make the trip stopping only long enough to catch a couple of winks at a safe place. Thank God for Texas rest areas that have all night security guards or we’d never make it.

    And Thank God for Dr. Rea and his pioneering work.
    If interested our local news station has a story & interview telling about not letting my mom’s oxygen come through the front door so it’s easy for her to let them in. It has been on their site for several days now but who knows when they take it off. Thanks folks for letting me unload.

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