Dr. Lee Cowden FREE Webinar: Treating Chronic Disease On A Very Limited Budget

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Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)What: Free webinar
Speaker: Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)
Topic: Treating Chronic Disease On A Very Limited Budget
Date: Saturday, May 7, 2011
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CST
Place: Internet
Cost: FREE, courtesy of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine
Sign Up: Click here to register

Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H), a Board certified cardiologist and specialist in internal medicine who developed a popular herbal protocol for treating lyme disease that centers around the use of Samento, is offering a free webinar this Saturday entitled “Treating Chronic Disease On A Very Limited Budget.”

The webinar description states “Chronic diseases are epidemic worldwide – in developed countries as well as under-developed. Contrary to the belief of many doctors, chronic diseases are not caused by a pharmaceutical drug deficiency. Instead chronic diseases are caused:

1) from the toxicity of chemicals, heavy metals, radio-active substances & even biotoxins;
2) from electromagnetic radiation poisoning;
3) from eating nutrient-depleted, inflammation-producing foods;
4) from drinking insufficient pure water;
5) from chronic stress;
6) from negative attitudes;
7) from unresolved emotions;
8) from insufficient grounding of the body to the earth;
9) from improper levels of sunlight exposure;
10) from shallow breathing of mostly-polluted, indoor air;
11) from insufficient physical activity;
12) from blocked energy flow through acupressure meridians;
13) from mal-aligned joints;
14) from insufficient regenerative sleep at the optimum time of the night; and
15) from poor hygiene (just to name the most common causes).

When the causes of a disease are resolved, the disease usually resolves also soon thereafter. In this webinar, Dr. Cowden will go into more depth on understanding these causes of disease and how to eliminate or at least dramatically reduce them with very little expense.”


  1. Claudia

    I signed up, for the webinar, the other day, and didn’t realize I never got email confirmation. I was getting ready to join the webinar, and had to re-register. Now am disappointed, because I haven’t gotten approved to join the webinar, so am not able to join. Will it be possible to view the webinar later? I was really looking forward to getting this information. :[

  2. Sarah

    The same thing happened to me, I registed and did not receive a confirmation page. I am pretty upset because I wanted this info as well.

  3. earthwalker

    The same thing happened to me, and I am really disappointed too. I got up early to be ready for it. Someone told me that there were two notices going around for it and one said it cost $20. I’m not sure what happened but maybe we can write to the sponsoring Academy and complain. Here is a link to a page on their website if you want to pay the $20. https://www.academycim.com/live-seminars/webinar/webinar-dr.-lee-cowden-treating-chronic-disease-on-a-very-limited-budget.html

  4. earthwalker

    You can write to them at info@academycim.com. I’m going to complain and ask that they make a recording available for free to those who thought they were registering…

  5. Claudia

    Thanks Julie, I will write and complain too. I’m relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one, yet still very disappointed. : [

  6. earthwalker

    It’s definitely not cool. No website ever wants to publish inaccurate information. This looked like a great webinar and it made sense that it was being given for free given the topic. To find out there is a fee at the last minute and not be able to register is very frustrating. Apologies to all!!!

  7. Claudia

    I don’t blame you, for being upset, Julie, and no need to apologize. There was no way you could have known . . .

    I sent them an email, but haven’t heard back. Maybe they won’t be checking email, until Monday, so I won’t hold my breath.

  8. Flaminia Zeman

    My naturapath wanted to put me on the Cowden Protocol. It was 600$a month. I told her my finances would not allow that. She offered a very good reduction but I told her I need to know what I take and I would research, and get back to her. I was very put off by my research. Any interviews with Cowden reminded me of an infomercial and my intuition which has been a valuable asset in all areas of my health and that of my loved ones kicked in.
    The researech I found was in vitro (test tube) and conducted by Nutramedix, (the company which formulates the preparations used in the protocol.
    One of my inner questions was: ” If Cat’s Claw first drew the attention of practitioners & their clients because of it’s efficiency in helping improve the health of natives of the areas where it grow why did Nutramedix find a need to remove alkalanoids ? My suspicion was that it was in order to patent it. I have found no clear reasons except those given by Cowden and Nutramedix and those reasons don’t ring true.
    Are you aware that Nutramedix – just as I suspected is owned by 3 pharmaceutical companies ? No need to stress our finances at such a vulnerable time. I have gotten a wonderful result from my own personal program which I change as I intuit is needed. In some ways I feel better than I did before. I’ve been charting my progress and have a blog which I’ll post on, but my take on all healing is that it’s a very individual thing and it needs to be energetic, vibrational, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. This is how my son and I survived a cancer scare while I was 4.5 months pregnant. It was advised by an oncologist that I abort “the fetus” and have a radical hysterectomy or it was predicted that the “fetus” would end up motherless.
    The fetus is 30 and has a mother and a brother ! Be courageous in your healing journey and listen to your intuition. Maybe your inability to get into this deceptively advertised webinar was a warning and a blessing.
    My deep interest in healing naturally has en me a good knowledge base from which to operate out of but I’m no expert and like to consult with the work of professionals as to whether my choices are good ones.
    Dr. Buhner and Dr. Klinghardt have my deep respect & trust

  9. Flaminia Zeman

    Just wanted to add that I had no operations, chemo or radiation. I used first and foremost self-hypnosis & guided imagery. Also, I used orthomolecular & herbal allies. I’m still cancer free.

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