Jumping for joyWhat would you do if you developed life-disrupting chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, in your 70’s? If you’re anything like Linda Worthington in Maryland, you would search out and apply every resource you could find. In Linda’s case, she started with sweeping lifestyle changes to reduce the electromagnetic fields and chemical exposures in her home, and expanded into medical qigong treatments and the groundbreaking Gupta Amygdala Retraining™ Programme and Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ brain retraining programs. The results? A woman returning to “normal” life. Two big achievements: Linda was able to watch her daughter on the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on satellite TV, and stay by her husband’s side in the hospital during a two week ordeal for a recent heart valve replacement surgery. She considers herself now 99+% healed, with a goal of no less than 100% recovery. Read her inspiring story on limbicretraining.com.


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