My body is craving jungle energy and positive life experiences

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I noticed that I have been craving certain foods a lot the past months – I eat 2-4 Brazil nuts every morning and lots of herbed sun-dried Botija olives from Peru, and raw coconut water, and raw cacao treats.

Jungle food

When I eat these things, my body feels GOOD. WHOLE. ALIVE. SETTLED. AT PEACE.

It’s gotten me thinking a lot about how my body has been in DESERT ENERGY for so long, I feel that maybe I am out of balance and thus my physical and spiritual bodies are craving some REALLY DEEP JUNGLE ENERGY. I am feeling called to go to Peru or Costa Rica – somewhere in Central or South America – next December, to experience jungle energy firsthand.

Many of you know how impossible this is for me, as I have severe electromagnetic and vibration sensitivities that have kept me far away from planes and airports for the past 8 years. Not to mention my chemical sensitivities. For all the brain retraining, EFT and FasterEFT I have done over the past 4 years, my EMF issues have not been helped much. I still get sick from using the phone, and opening up the Skype application on my computer makes me sick as a dog for the rest of the day. Trying to sleep in my car this past Fall next to a car that had an alarm system made my sleep center shut down for 24 hours until I relocated my car.

But I feel having a stated goal and real timeframe is very helpful in taking the necessary steps. In my mind, I will do some more coaching sessions for FasterEFT but this time will focus on my Skype issue because I feel it is related. At some point before December 2013, it might be worthwhile to take a short flight within my state to see how I do. Or even just go to an airport and see how I do around all the tracking equipment. I realize I might not be able to go. It’s not just the plane. It’s staying in the hotels when I get there. It’s also the money. But I am working on manifesting my goal within that timeframe, and that’s the best I can do.

In the meantime, I also decided that 2013 is MY YEAR OF INTENSE LEARNING. Going to two of the Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreats this past year has shown me how immersing myself in positive experiences can be so totally activating to my spirit. Being on sacred land, eating pure food made with love, being around spiritual, grateful people, this is all the best of being an environmental sponge. We take in good energy from our environment too, not just bad.

YES!, I realized that I want to FLIP ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS ON ITS HEAD this year! Which means…going to as many of these types of events as I can in the next year, so my body/spirit just absorbs a heckload of positive energy from the Universe. You know how as an EI you get chemically injured and then are in a sensitized state so you become more reactive to more and more things? I want to turn that on its head y’all!! I am in an “activated” state now and want to EXPOSE MYSELF to as many positive, life affirming, abundant experiences as I can while in this vulnerable heart space. So I am seeking out different events that are within driving distance in my state that I can attend (and afford to attend!) in the next year. I will probably be going to some herbal conferences and workshops/retreats because PLANT PEOPLE are GOOD PEOPLE in my experience and carry some very healing, loving energy with them. And I want some of that!

So this next year will hopefully see a huge jump in transformative growth for me…as I catapult out of environmental illness into environmental wellness… into a person who is fully aware of all that is in her environment and has healthy boundaries for negative and challenging energies and knows how to fully take in all the positive energies. A person who lives in community, not isolation. A person who has roots and wings and is free to fly and to be grounded whenever she chooses. A person who knows her gifts and shares them freely. Unblocked. In the flow, from beyond my crown chakra through my healed intestines, down through my feet into deep roots in the ground. Yes. This is it. This will be.


  1. Mokihana

    Can you hear the clapping? Go, Julie!

  2. Joey

    Julie, you are inspirational. Thank you for everything you do and all that you are. Your sites and your recommendations have been amazingly supportive for me. I also specifically want to thank you for introducing me to FasterEFT. I have been practicing EFT and other derivatives for a year with amazing results – healing from a lifetime of severe anxiety, chemical sensitivity, ocd, and several years worth of chronic Lyme. As amazing as EFT is, FasterEFT is even more exciting to me right now. I only just started learning about it a few days ago, and I already feel more peace and well-being. For anyone looking for an introduction to FasterEFT there are lots of free videos on the FasterEFT youtube channel. I found that to be a lot to sift through, though. If anyone wants a written introduction, I wrote about it on my blog because I felt that the FasterEFT site doesn’t have a really good introduction to help people understand why FasterEFT is different and perhaps even more effective than classic EFT.

    Anyway, thank you, once again. And that is awesome that you are so committed to complete and total healing, mind, body, and spirit, and that you share and inspire so many of us. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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