Sia’s DIY brain retraining visualizations for MCS

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Brain Plasticity News, Chemical Sensitivity News, Featured, NEWS, Recovery Stories | 0 comments

Sia Alexander: Heal Love NowInspired by Ashok Gupta’s free brain retraining videos and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and incorporating her own brand of deep spirituality, Planet Thrive member Sia Alexander devised her own creative visualization technique for retraining her brain around chemical reactions. She shares her approach in detail in her article My DIY brain retraining visualizations for MCS. Sia’s routine includes full body movement, verbal cues, tapping on acupuncture meridian points, positive affirmations, deep visualization techniques, and a healthy dose of spirituality and belief.

An artist, writer, model and graduate of Howard University, Sia shares about her recovery journey on her blog Heal Love Now. Brain retraining was just one aspect of healing for Sia. She also found great improvement through diet, yoga, water fasting, prayer and other lifestyle choices. Be inspired by her message – read her book I AM: You Power This Life.


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