The Hidden Toxin that No One is Talking About

by | Jun 18, 2021 | General Health News, Nutrition

We all know about the toxins in our polluted air. The toxins in our food and water supply. We even know that the chemicals we use to clean our homes and our bodies are toxic.

I worked as a Clinical Pharmacist for 25 years and I didn’t know about it. Our doctors going to medical school aren’t really taught about it. What’s worse, they don’t even know what to do about it!

It wasn’t until I went to Grad school to study biochemistry of nutrition did I understand the implications! Now, as a Professor of Biochemistry I make sure that I have an entire module teaching students about this hidden toxin.

These hidden toxins are actually produced by our own body! Yes, that’s right. In the normal process of metabolism of food and converting it into energy that our bodies can use, there are some dangerous toxic materials generated! Normally, this isn’t such a big deal – but only if your body is in tip top shape and running efficiently and has all of the nutrients on board that can neutralize these toxins before they cause irreversible damage or impair your body’s ability to function properly.

What are the signs & symptoms that you might be in toxic overload from your own body’s metabolic waste?

· Fatigue

· Brain fog

· Aching joints

· Advanced aging of the skin

· Digestive problems

· Mood disorders

· Cognitive decline

· Auto-immune diseases

· Neurological dysfunction

· Plus many more…..

How do I protect myself from these toxins?

Diet is the single most important way to provide all of the antioxidants and phytochemicals that are needed to safely handle these toxins. Avoid inflammatory foods – sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods. Include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily from a rainbow of colors. Drink herbal teas daily. Consume quality protein from organic, grass-fed meats, and wild caught fish. Make sure you are including sufficient Omega 3 fats in your diet – fish, flax, krill, chia, avocado, almonds, walnuts. Additionally, don’t forget to hydrate with filtered water – make sure you are drinking ½ of your body weight (lbs.) in ounces of water daily. This means about 2 liters daily for an average weight adult. Extra hydration is necessary in hot weather or heavy exercise.

Are there any supplements I can take to aid in the detoxification of these toxins?

Yes! And, if you are athletic and participate in heavy exercise then it’s really smart to add antioxidant and nutrient support for the heavy demand.

1. Glutathione and NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) is a must, especially if you are symptomatic. But, if you are athletic these nutrients can get depleted easily and they can really enhance your performance and prevent your immune system from becoming imbalanced. Look for a liposomal form of glutathione. NAC is a great antioxidant for the gut and the brain.

2. Curcumin – This is a common herb used in ayurvedic medicine and has been used as a spice for many Centuries. It helps reduce inflammation and can aid as an antioxidant and immune balancer. Remember, inflammation causes more toxic free radicals, so controlling inflammation is key.

3. Resveratrol – This antioxidant will help establish immune balance, and decrease free radical formation.

4. Free aminos with extra glutamine can be very helpful. Amino acids are needed to bind with toxins in the detoxification process.

The diet that can help prevent toxic metabolic waste

Remember, a healthy diet is the key to preventing toxic metabolic waste accumulation. I’ve had clients say “I don’t even know what a healthy diet looks like!”. This is because there are so many diets that all claim to help you lose weight and stay fit, but most of them don’t have the science to back that up. Learning to eat healthy means reading labels and avoiding eating things that have a long ingredient list and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. If it comes out of a box or is a “quick meal” then we should be suspicious of it. Buy from the perimeter of the grocery store because that is where you will find the fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables.

If you are recovering from mold illness, diet can be the most powerful positive change you can make. I know this because changing my diet made the most significant positive impact on my own mold illness recovery. Not only did it improve my health and recovery from mold illness, it motivated me to go back to graduate school and earn two more degrees. This time I studied Clinical Nutrition and was able change careers from pharmacist to nutritionist.

I’m so passionate about mold recovery that I now specialize in helping people recover from mold and along with a doctor who specializes in mold illness, Dr. Margaret Christensen, we developed an online diet program for beginners as a guide for recovery. Please visit our website and watch the first video for FREE!

Photo: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

  • Dr. Gail Clayton, DCN, CNS, MS, RPh, is a Clinical Pharmacist and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from The University of Houston in 1988, and is licensed in Texas. She then continued her education and earned a Master and Doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition.

    She has experience in many fields of Pharmacy including retail, HMO, hospital, home infusion and compounding and has since retired from working as a pharmacist and opened her own private nutrition practice as the next creative step in her journey to help alleviate the suffering of others coping with devastating health conditions.

    Dr. Clayton was inspired to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist while recovering from severe chemical and mold sensitivity after exposure to toxic mold. After fruitlessly searching for help from the Western Medical System she found the answers for her recovery in alternative medicine.

    She then embarked a path to develop educational programs for patients and practitioners on mold illness and recovery. She also began studying herbal remedies and developed ImmunoThrive, an herbal extract formula targeting mast cells for stabilization, which was another breakthrough in her recovery and she want to share it.

    She now practices locally in Houston, TX and also offers remote consultations worldwide as a Functional Medicine root cause detective, looking at all of the factors that are playing a role in your health.


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