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by | Dec 10, 2022 | Lyme & Co-Infections News | 5 comments

Master herbalist, prolific author, and Earth poet Stephen Harrod Buhner has died. He passed on the morning of December 8th around 9:30 am MST. As shared on his Facebook page, “He was in ceremony with friends and family. He was aware, conscious, present, open hearted and humorous. He was himself all the way through. And so very brave… He will be buried this morning in his beloved forest.”

Stephen had been sharing on his Facebook page for months about his impending death from advanced lung damage stemming from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and related complications. Even with months to prepare for his death, it’s never easy to integrate such a loss.

I worked with Stephen for seven years on the Buhner Healing Lyme Q + A column that began on Planet Thrive, later moved to its own website due to its popularity, and is now back on Planet Thrive. You can find the Healing Lyme Q + A archives here and see his responses to hundreds of PT reader questions on his herbal protocol for healing lyme disease and co-infections.

Stephen was a man who was steeped in integrity. We were blessed to have his expertise and compassionate care for the years he did the Q + A column. Millions have benefited from his writings, his protocols, and his personal time and effort to respond to individual questions. We at Planet Thrive wish him well as he travels to other dimensions and makes his way back to his spiritual-energetic home. May his body rest easy in his beloved forest. Thank you, Stephen, for the incredible legacy you have left all of us in your books and your writings. We love you.


  1. Mello Claudia

    Rest in Peace, Stephen. Because of your longstanding work and research, the Lyme community felt it had an angelic warrior on its side. You understood us, and are so much appreciated.
    The angels are glad to see you.

  2. Shannon Wade

    You have left a gapping whole to be filled with those of us left to carry the baton. May we do si with the vigor, strength, knowledge n integrity you demonstrated. May we ever add new information as we learn in your absence. Many thanks Stephen and love n hope to your family, friends, colleagues.

  3. Mike

    Sadly, I did not know Stephen, I stumbled onto this just minutes ago and immediately felt a connection with you/him…this is not my typical situation…I mean, yes, my heart is huge but something deeper happened here and made me dig a little.

    I’m not sure if my help could be used but I offer it to Stephen’s people, Julie, etc.

    I have many talents, hands, mind, spirit…please feel free to reach out. I feel this might afford me the opportunity to meet you Stephen through your friends and legacy.

    I want nothing and I have nothing to sell but I do have some time, am willing to travel, and something to give if it’s needed.

    Sorry to everyone who knew Stephen…I’ve lost a few good friends the past 18 months, about 6, and as I write, this very moment, my daughter struggles for her own life.

    I hope you all find peace in knowing Stephen was lucky to have this time to say his farewells and to hold his space until his last breath…he died in tact and with dignity…what more could a man ask for in his final days. RIP Stephen…

  4. Roger S. Gottlieb

    Looked up Buhner because I’ll be reviewing his book on Earth Grief, and wanted to ask him a few questions about it. Powerful book, raising all sorts of important issues, with a detailed account of plastic pollution that is just, well, just awful.
    Sorry not to have encountered his work sooner.
    Roger S. Gottlieb

  5. Tiffy

    Praying for this American Marvel,
    Stephen Harrod Harrod Buhner.

    a collassal spirit who gave each and everyone of us an invitation to be our true human angelic potential , if we so choose.

    The memory is in the blueprint….
    The kingdoms he served so well whilst on this earth surely, reminded him of this everyday of his life and so it is!

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