Product of the Month: July 2023

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IonBox 20M

Outdoor, fresh air — especially near the ocean or inside a forest — is saturated with negative ions. Negative ions are basically negatively charged molecules. They are believed to produce biochemical reactions that enhance serotonin levels, improving our mood and helping to reduce depression, relieving stress and boosting energy. These negative ions are equivalent to the free electrons we get from walking on the bare Earth. While it’s ideal to spend time outside walking barefoot on the ground, breathing in fresh, negative-ion air from the ocean, it is possible to upgrade your indoor living + working environments by using a negative ion generator, or ionizing device such as the IonBox.

One of the benefits of an ionizer is to “detox” the air. The IonBox website claims that it helps eliminate bacteria, stop mold growth, and reduce dust, The negative ions attach to toxins in the air and then are weighted down to the floor. Because of this, you may want to vacuum regularly — especially if you have pets that spend a lot of time on the floor.

Ionizing devices help you breathe healthier air in your home, workplace or when you are on the move. Ionizing devices can supply large amounts of free electrons to your living space.

IonPacific has patented, proprietary technology that has resulted in the creation of negative ion generators that they claim have the highest output in the industry. While traditional negative ion generators can be clunky and dirty, this technology is clean and efficient.

Their negative ion generators produce millions of negative ions inside a micro-chip-sized generation chamber which are then ejected through fine, needle-point emitter brushes located externally on the generator. The process is unmatched by any other ionizer in the industry. IonPacific is proud to showcase their products as the industry standard for negative ion technology and ionization.

The IonBox produces 20 million negative ions per second, which would be considered a moderate amount. The IonBox 20M has been tested by an independent laboratory for ozone with results showing zero (0) ozone produced over 8 hours.

Please note: these devices can be energizing and boost immunity and metabolism, causing temporary dehydration, mineral deficiency, and sleep disturbances. You may want to supplement extra liquids and minerals (specifically sodium/potassium) as your body adjusts to the environmental enhancement.

To learn more or purchase the IonBox, click here.


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