Holistic dental care

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Samoan Boys

Dear Sally,
I know that Weston Price had strong opinions about root canals. Can you tell me what his recommendations were for dental care?

Sally’s response:
In addition to his work on nutrition, Dr. Price conducted extensive research into the destructive effects of root canals, detailed in his two-volume work Dental Infections, Oral & Systemic and Dental Infections & the Degenerative Diseases. His conclusions, ignored by the orthodox dental establishment for over 50 years, are gaining renewed acceptance as holistic practitioners are discovering that the first step to recovery from degenerative disease often involves removal of all root canals in the patient’s mouth. The principles of holistic dentistry, based on the research of Weston Price, are as follows:

• Eat nutrient-dense whole foods, properly grown and prepared.

• Avoid root canals. If you have root canals and suspect that they are causing trouble, have them removed by a knowledgeable dentist.

• Avoid mercury (amalgam) fillings. If you have amalgam fillings, have them removed by a holistic dentist who specializes in mercury filling replacement.

• Orthodontics should include measures to widen the palate.

• When it is necessary to extract teeth, do so in such a way as to avoid leaving the jaw bone with cavitations, which can be focal points of infection.

find mercury free and biological dentists here

Live well, Sally

photo: Samoan Boys ©Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

  • Earthwalker

    Earthwalker is the username that PT founder Julie Genser created for her online interactions so many years ago when first creating Planet Thrive.

    Julie's (Earthwalker's) life was derailed over twenty years ago when she had a very large organic mercury exposure after she naively used a mouth thermometer to measure the temperature of just-boiled milk while making her very first pizza at home. The mercury instantly expanded into a gas form and exploded out the back of the thermometer right into her face. Unaware that mercury was the third most neurotoxic element on Earth, Julie had no idea she had just received a very high dose of a poisonous substance.

    A series of subsequent toxic exposures over the next few years -- to smoke from two fires (including 9/11), toxic mold, lyme disease, and chemical injuries -- caused catastrophic damage to her health. While figuring out how to survive day-to-day, and often minute-to-minute, she created Planet Thrive to help others avoid some of the misdiagnoses and struggles she had experienced.

    She has clawed her way over many health mountains to get to where she is today. She is excited to bring the latest iteration of Planet Thrive to the chronic illness community.

    In 2019, Julie published her very first cookbook e-book called Low Lectin Lunches (+ Dinners, Too!) after discovering how a low lectin, gluten free diet was helping manage her chronic fascia/muscle pain.


  1. jude

    I am needing 30 year old bridge and two root canal teeth
    removed. I have issues with MCS/EMS I am massage therapist and reiki, adhere healing through whole foods, supplements, homeopathy, herbs. yoga. I have lived on very thin soc. security disability check. Not a big money maker. I found hope information in Julie’s article sharing her experience. I am connecting with people around me with horror stories about procedures. My body not endure. Discouragement that there is one very expensive IAOMT biomedical dentist in two state area. I am just a “bit” concerned??? Any suggestion???

  2. Julie

    Hi Jude,
    The first thing I would suggest is to call the office of this expensive biomedical dentist and ask for all the approximate costs involved — initial consult, cost to remove bridge and root canals, cost to replace with biocompatible materials, etc. Ask if they have sliding scale fees for those on Medicare/disability or if they would be willing to work with you in any way (e.g. payment plan, etc.). I would also see if they can refer you to other dentists in the area that charge less but are aware of the correct procedures. Other ideas are to do a fundraiser on GoFundMe or a site like ModestNeeds (https://www.modestneeds.org/) to cover the costs. Then of course, there is always Mexico. A lot of people go to Mexico for dental work because it’s so expensive in the States. This might not be an option for someone with MCS though. I hope this is a good start. You can also ask on our forum (http://planetthrive.ning.com/forum) to see what others have done. Sending you love and hugs, I know it’s stressful and can feel overwhelming. I have faith you will figure out how to get it done. xx Julie

  3. Christa

    Hi, what do you recommend for an oral care routine? Also, do you recommend any adjuncts to an oral care routine, such as remineralizing liquid/powder or tooth whitening powder? Thanks.

  4. earthwalker

    Hi Christa,
    I have not focused on this recently so I don’t have a protocol to share at this time. If I ever look at holistic dental care and come up with program, I will post here to let you know! Julie

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