Klinghardt Lyme Protocol

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developed by: Dr. Dietrich K. Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Dr. Dietrich KlinghardtDietrich Klinghardt is board-certified in neurologic and orthopedic medicine and founder and president of the American Academy of Neural Therapy. Klinghardt has been synthesizing traditional and alternative medicine for more than 25 years. He developed Autonomic Response Testing (ART), a comprehensive diagnostic system which has helped to transform many practices in the U.S. and abroad into healing centers and helped many practitioners to become accomplished healers. His office is located in Seattle, Washington and he teaches workshops on his healing methods in the United States and Europe.

Here is a brief summary of his approach to Lyme Disease, taken from his website:

The Klinghardt Protocol (based on over 900 successful treatment cases)

The treatment of Lyme disease requires 4 distinctive steps:
* Decreasing toxic body burden/unloading the system
* Improving disturbed physiology
* Decreasing microbial count
* Immunemodulation

Click for full article: Klinghardt Biological Treatment of Lyme Disease

More information on Dr. Klinghardt’s approach to lyme disease can be found on his website.

source: klinghardtacademy.com


  1. Melody Swan


    Several years ago I asked for a referral for a doctor near my area and y ou reccommended someone in Denver… who, by the way, was an excellent integrative doc and helped me tremendously! Shawn Naylor. He studied under Dr. Klinghardt and treated me for Lyme Disease and many other “bugs”… and I am much better.

    Now my 22 year old son in Los Angeles is beginning symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, painful muscles… etc and I need a reccomendation for someone in Los Angeles that is an integrative practioner who will treat him with similar strategies… Please help!


    Melody Swn

  2. earthwalker

    Hi Melody,
    I don’t recall recommending someone in Denver but I’m glad it was helpful to you. I don’t know any practitioners in Los Angeles but I would recommend you post your question in the Planet Thrive forum to see if any of our members can help you. http://planetthrive.ning.com/forum

  3. Deanna Williams

    I have called Dr. Klinghardt in the Seattle office and unless I heard wrong the woman said 46,000 up front. I just listened to Klinghardt and he said his office visits were 450.00 Did I hear him right. I would be coming from Georgia .I will call his office again and see if I heard wrong. Please email me back with any information you possibly have .Sincerely,


  4. smartatimes

    Just so you know there are other practioners using The Klinghardt Protocol most likely in the area you live, just call around and ask around. You are looking for the best ND OR Integrative MD that are specialized in dealing with LYME chronically ill chronic fatique etc… Ask around most of these doctors may have very well trained with him at his Klinghardt Academy
    I saw easily over 100 doctors when I was ill, I noticed this it is always the super, super smart doctor or ND that cannot figure out why their patients are NOT getting well. So they are the once asking questions and searching for answers . They typically study with highest and best or invent their own system based on science just something I noticed and these are the people you want to find .Plus when I first was sick there was no way I could travel anywhere I’ was so super sick, dizzy, wheezing light sensitive, sound sensitive nausea chills I mean I could hardly stand sitting in the car for more than 30 minutes So don’t despair no reason to travel when you ill….find someone near your area you might be surprised I found stunningly brilliant compassionate, ND he trained with Klinghardt! It is way cheaper and super close to my house this guy healed me and is now my doctor .
    Dr Kinghardt’s is at a new center in Kirkland, Washington . The poor man is swamped, by all of those individuals where their dummy MD has been telling they did not have Lymes or whatever else, but all along they were ill !So you will not likely see Kinghardt but one of the ND’s he has hand picked and trained…I think the cost was fair between 350-to 1000 I think that was for everything like all the medication since most people are coming from different places. Some insurances do cover MD and ND’s as well call your insurance company and find out.

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