Hydrogen peroxide and epsom salt detox bath

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Epsom salt bathThe Hydrogen Peroxide and Epsom Salt Detox Bath is one of my absolute favorite bath therapies. It is the first thing we do for our own family whenever we feel we are developing a cold or illness. Not only does it detoxify the body and relieve pain, but it seems to also stop many infections quickly and help the body regain balance. Through medical studies, this therapy has been shown to relieve pain that did not even respond to narcotic medicines.

You will need:

• 4-6 cups Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)

• 32-64 fluid ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide (3%, as found in many grocery stores)

• 2-4 tablespoons of Ginger (freshly grated preferably, wrapped in a thin piece of cloth or in a tea ball. An old piece of nylon hose also works well).


1. This and all bath therapies work best by first dry skin brushing the entire body, as this removes the layer of dead skin that may otherwise block the absorption of energy and nutrients from this bath and stimulates the blood and lymph fluids to rise to the skin to accept the healing effects of the bath.

2. Fill tub with warm water. Add the above ingredients.

3. Soak for 20 minutes…German research showed no additional benefit beyond 20 minutes. The beneficial effects of this bath are cumulative and increase in effectiveness the more you use them.

4. Recommended taken for a least seven consecutive days, or as recommended by your doctor. Continued use daily, or as needed is fine.

5. Do not use if you are pregnant.

See Beating Lyme Disease: Living the Good Life in Spite of Lyme, pages 196-199, for details on the ‘Actions of Bath Ingredients’.


  1. Lindsay Allen

    I did this bath last night and was wondering if it is normal that when I stood up after it I felt very dizzy & saw stars to the point where I almost blacked out, lasted about 10 sec.
    I laid in the bath for 20 min. then sat up for about 30 sec and then stood up and thats when I almost blacked out.
    Any ideas on whether or not I should continue doing this bath or why that would have happened?
    Thank you!

  2. earthwalker

    Hi Lindsay,
    We publish articles by Dr. Jernigan here on Planet Thrive but he does not necessarily read the comments posted here. I would suggest contacting him through his Facebook page about this, which is managed by his assistant. They should be able to give you some feedback. This is a detox bath and detox can be harder on some people than others depending on their health condition, so maybe you need to start with smaller amounts of the ingredients or stay in it for less time – maybe start with 5 minutes and work up to the 20 minutes. Please let us know what Dr. Jernigan says if you ask on his Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/DrDavidJernigan

  3. Lindsay

    Thank you I just posted on his FB i`ll let you know what he says!

  4. maria

    If you have a warm/hot bath for that long, you’re going to feel dizzy if you get up all of a sudden. The heat lowers blood pressure, and it gets complicated if you’ve got something like CFS, MCS and other neurological conditions.
    It’s dangerous to get out of the hot bath quickly if one’s on their own. One could lose consciousness and then hit the ground or something. We must be very careful with heat in general because of this.

  5. livewmcs

    Just the other day I did this bath:
    4 cups of Apple Cider Vinager
    2 cups of baking soda
    2 cups of epson salts

    I had strep and a cold, it helped in an amazing way!
    My first time I did get up to quick and got dizzy and find it intresting Maria that you should mention how it has to do with the heat and blood pressure with MCS people. My heart felt like I was going to stroke for awhile and wondered if it was from the Apple Cider Vinegar? Maybe it was just the heat! Or both?

    I can’t wait to try a bath with Hydrogen Peroxide and Epson Salts! Thanks David :)
    I love hydrogen peroxide and use it for many other things!!! I only have one question though…does it bleach your skin a little???

  6. alpinebixby

    Actually, you may simply low on potassium. I had this problem from intense detoxing, which does strip out potassium and other healthful nutrients along with the toxins, so I rectified it by taking about 1000 mg potassium a day for several months.

    If one does not need potassium, taking a large amount (much larger than the above) can cause heart issues.

    Good luck

  7. Jason

    I agree with the low blood pressure.

    Adrenals don’t like super hot water so be careful.
    (and the low blood pressure goes hand n hand with adrenal fatigue)

  8. Pearlescent


    Just saw this comment about near-blackout following the Epsom salt and peroxide bath, and thought I’d add my experience.

    While using EDTA suppositories, I passed out twice in my apartment, the second time hitting my head on bathroom tiles. Several days of hospital testing showed nothing; it seemed that the EDTA was simply too strong a detox agent for me. Perhaps you need to readjust the “recipe” or simply avoid this modality.

    Hope this helps!

  9. roy cleary

    how many times a week is it safe to take the hydrogen peroxide bah?

  10. GreenBee

    Anytime a person with chemical sensitivity or impaired liver function does a detox protocol it is always advisable to go very slowly. The heat of the bath likely causes cells to give up toxins into the bloodstream and sometimes our bodies can’t handle all that stuff at once. Go slower. Cut the detox bath time down to 5 mins and add time by a few minutes each day only if you are okay with the 5 mins. Make sure you drink water before and during. Don’t make the bath water too hot.

    Good luck!

  11. kayla

    the dizzyness is not due to the ingredients, only the temperature of the water. fact. look it up.

  12. Whitesunn

    Dizziness and blood pressure drop is as Kayla claimed.

    When you get into hot water 103-104 F or higher, the brain tells the body the organ’s are in danger of overheating, so the heart is engaged to immediately pump out the blood to the surface of the skin in the capillary beds to attempt to decrease the temp. of the blood and return it back to the thoracic cavity and brain. Now the pressure in the heart drops significantly because the heart is open and flushed every drop of blood out. Your skin and face is bright pink and your head is pounding. The water is much too hot. Unnecessary. Use a regular thermometer to ensure you get the temp. down closer to 98.6 -101, osmosis will be maximal at those nos. so there will be more of a cellular exchange from the tub water and your cells cleansing. If you’re fingers are wrinkled you’re more than done, You’re body is dehydrating due to supersaturation. You should only stay in there for 15-20 mins. MAX or you will become very drained and drive toxins released into the water deeper into your tissues. No what you are looking to do. Epsom salt is magnesium, it will relax muscle tissues, use this recipe right before you go to sleep and you’ll rest like an angel. There are other recipes for energetic field cleansing and also mineral rejuvenation and deep fatigue. Good luck, Diane MS, OMTh, MES, CPH

  13. Mark

    Have been suffering from bad sciatica nerve pain from R foot, behind knee and of course buttock – MRI normal but from 2 surgeries from plantar fasciitis/fibromatosis. Tried the first bath tonight – just 1/2 Epsom salt and 1/2 cup peroxide. All went well and my question is this – anyone know of the “recipes for energetic field cleansing and also mineral rejuvenation and deep fatigue” mentioned by Diane MS?? I’m really hoping this “detox” works because nothing else has for the nerves/pain! Thank you all!

  14. Nicole

    I do these all the time….it is normal to fill weak or dizzy after these baths….basically what is happening is your body “gets a really bad fever” while in the bath and it goes away as you get out…think of how weak and tired you feel when you are very sick and in the process of getting better….it’s the same thing….my children and i only take these baths at night when we are going to bed and don’t have to be up early

  15. Han

    Among friends with MCS, I have noticed many of them did not realize they were sensitive to mold and their homes had mold. The mold you see on a shower curtain or etc is only a symptom of a larger problem in the house, usually at the foundation, roof, or exterior wall. If a bathroom is moldy, usually behind the wall or under the tub, it could make things worse at bath time, too

  16. Melissa

    As a mineral rejuvenation i use concentrace trace mineral. It’s a bottle can find at your local natural grocers. It has the 75 minerals your body needs. Just put ten drops into a water bottle and drink. Great! Especially if you do intense workout. Or workout at all.

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