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Smart MeterPeople on both sides of the political spectrum are banding together to fight the current rollout of wireless “Smart Meters” being installed by electric utility companies across America. The left is citing health concerns while the right is focused on privacy issues. The Smart Meter rollout has started in northern California, where everyday citizens are fighting back against their electric utility companies. Many previously healthy people are experiencing health issues following the installation of these meters, and some with electrical sensitivity have been forced to leave their homes and live in their cars. Most everyone is having a lot of trouble getting their electric company to remove the Smart Meter once they are installed. If you are electrically sensitive or have other health and privacy concerns, what can you do to prevent the installation of a Smart Meter at your home?

Planet Thrive guest blogger Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed., a holistic health counselor helping individuals with chronic illness or chronic pain to live life more fully and author of Living Life to the Fullest: Creative Coping Strategies for Managing Chronic Illness, has put together a very informative web page to help educate people on all the issues surrounding Smart Meters and provide resources and direction for preventing their installation at your home. She writes:

Smart Meters expose all of us to dangerous microwave like EMF/RF frequency on a continuous basis, that among other things can disrupt the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, immune system and hormones. Plants that grow beside Smart Meters die. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if it kills a plant it can’t be good.

Many people across the country who don’t even have any preexisting health conditions report they are developing very serious and debilitating effects from the Smart Meters, like high blood pressure, severe headaches, migraines, exhaustion, high pitched ringing in the ears, impaired memory and confusion, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations, anxiety, and a reduced level of functioning experienced prior to installation.

When a citizen tells the utility company they don’t want the Smart Meter installed they are told they have no choice in the matter, they must have the Smart Meter installed. If a person who becomes very ill after installation asks the utility company to remove the meter, most of them are told, No.

Initially, Pacific Gas and Electric also known as PG&E and San Diego Gas and Electric also known as SDG&E, were very unresponsive and unwilling to accommodate anyone’s request, however there have been so many protests and reports of problems that they are beginning to be a little more responsive and now state that they will consider your request on a case by case basis. You have to fight like heck, but some people are successful at preventing installation or having it removed once they are made ill.”

Cynthia shares the letter she wrote to Southern California Edison to inform them she did not want a Smart Meter installed at her home. You can read it here, where she shares a lot of other resources on the topic as well: Smart Meters Are Hazardous to Your Health and Violate Your Rights.

Here are some additional resources at the EMF Safety Network:
Smart Meter Hazards
NO Thanks PG&E
Commentary by Blake Levitt
Smart Meter Questions
Smart Meter Comments
Smart Meter Fires
Smart Meter Health Impacts
Smart Meter Media Reports
Ecological Option Videos

Another great website to watch: Stop Smart Meters! Growing out of the grassroots group Scotts Valley Neighbors Against Smart Meters, which was started in June 2010, Stop Smart Meters! has now evolved into an advocacy, media outreach, and direct action organization providing activism consultation and advice to dozens of local groups sprouting up who are fighting the wireless ‘smart’ meter assault.


  1. RobertWilliams


    PG&E has already killed people in Hinkley, California and San Bruno California and other places less well known.

    Why are you people complaining about Wireless smart meters? Do you think you and your children deserve better than those adults and children that have already been killed by PG&E?

    PG&E Corporate has a record of lying, covering up, killing and sickening people throughout the state and that’s not going to change.

    I don’t understand you people trying to protect yourselves and your children. Why don’t you people just accept it, like the rest of us.

    It is obvious that PG&E lies for money. But PG&E is the official word so even if something terrible happens to my wife or children, no one can blame me.

    Stop the dam scientists from reporting cell damage and breaks in DNA chains in human cells and breaches in the blood/brain barrier of lab rats from the Wireless smart meter type of radiation and stop talking about it.

    Just accept it, like the rest of us.

  2. d

    Absolutely everyone needs to write & call & protest so that they understand people don’t accept this big company take over of our lives. People power has always been effective through out history. Do not be a passive victim. Also we need to get more solar & out of the hands of the big electric companies. The more self sufficient we are the better everything is.

  3. M. Hertz

    Here in New York, many “smart” meters have been on homes for around 2-3 years. The one put on my house made me very sick. I had it removed and the worst of my symptoms were relieved. However, I now get sick when I am exposed to wireless radiation. I am afraid that people around here have no idea why they are becoming ill and it might be from over exposure to the radiation from the meters (water, gas and electric) being pumped in to their homes many times per minute, 24/7. This is truly a disaster.

  4. Sue

    Thank you for this article, Planet Thrive!

    To M. Hertz (above) and others who have experienced adverse health effects:

    Would you be willing to share your story with the EMF Safety Network? They are compiling health impact testimonials. The address to submit your story to is:


    If you would, could you also submit the following form with your story:


    (You can read many already-submitted stories here:

    The compilation is an important part of our activism, and I appreciate your time and help.

    I also wanted to direct people to EMF Safety Network’s Action Alert page, which has a link where you can email a form letter to the CA PUC, and it also has links for you to send the form letter to your own state’s PUC:


    For those within travelling distance to San Francisco, there are 2 important events in the next 2 weeks:

    Wed., Feb. 16: Protest in front of the CPUC building in San Francisco, 505 Van Ness at McAllister, wear red, bring signs and friends, 12:00-1:30/2:00.

    Thurs., Feb. 24: Speak at CPUC meeting, also at 505 Van Ness. Arrive before 9:30 to fill out form for speaking in the open time, which is right after the 9:30 start. Esp. those who are electrically sensitive or have had other adverse health effects. There are 2 new commissioners who need to hear about this issue from you.

    Thank you for your help!

  5. earthwalker

    That’s terrible M. Hertz that you have lasting problems from the Smart Meter exposure. I agree that one of the biggest problems is so many people are probably experiencing heart issues and other symptoms from the Smart Meters on their homes as well as their neighbors, but have absolutely no idea about it and so are blaming their weight, diet, genetics, etc. The more we can educate and raise awareness the better.

  6. Tanya Anderson

    I live in CA and we have had a smart meter at our home for about 3 years. I have read through this although i haven’t had concentraztion or energy abilities to go through each link. I need the link if there is one to tell me what to do now to have the meter removed. or i need someone to give the info to have one removed. Could someone please give me this info?

  7. Sick from SMART METERS





    PG&E EXECUTIVES and the CPUC should be JAILED!!!!!!


    And Insurance companies don’t sacrifice insurance premiums ($$$) for nothing.

    TV NEWS VIDEO – Insurance Companies Won’t Insure Wireless Device Health Risks (3 minutes, 13 seconds)

    2. WIRELESS SMART METERS TRANSMIT RADIATION APPROXIMATELY 25,000 TIMES PER DAY, 24/7, not 45 seconds per day as claimed by PG&E Corporate.

    VIDEO – Radiation Measured From Smart Meter Mounted On A Home (6 minutes, 21 seconds)

    Radiation Measured From Smart Meter Mounted On A Home (6 minutes, 21 seconds)


    TV NEWS VIDEO -Skyrocketing Utility Bills after smart meter installation (3 minutes, 19 seconds)

    1. Insurance Companies Won’t Insure Wireless Device Risks (3 minutes, 13 seconds)

    2. Microwave radiation dangers in our home (6 minutes, 20 seconds)

    3. Truth about Smart Meters – Dr. Karl Maret, MD, Biomedical Engineer
    (Dr. Maret’s presentation begins at 23:40 on the video telecast).

    6. Wounded by Wireless Smart Meters (14 minutes, 19 seconds)


    7. WiFi in schools proven dangerous (14 minutes, 32 seconds)

  8. OC

    RobertWilliams, you are either being extremely sarcastic or you are an extreme idiot. Which is it?

  9. Colleen

    I had a Smart Meter deployed on my home about nine months ago. I have had extreme ringing in the ears, nausea, moderate headaches, cardiac disturbances, increase anxiety, unexplained rashes, agitation, sleepless nights, and unsteadiness when I walk. I called my local electric company and talked with one of their employees. I told her that the electromagnetic waves were making me ill, and she ignored me. She said these Smart Meters do not transmit any radiation inside the home. I asked her if they would remove the Smart Meter, due to my sensitivity to the EMG’s, and she said, “No we can’t.” I am going to my doctor, and relate these symptoms to him, and see if he will write me an order for the electric company to take this dreaded thing off of my house. It was also deployed without my knowledge or my consent. She also related that the technicians could deploy the Smart Meters without our consent. This is really scary business. I am very concerned for my health, and for the health of others.

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