My success story: Surviving MCS with FasterEFT

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by BernieB
republished from BernieB’s Planet Thrive blog with permission

EFT "karate chop" pointWell, this is exciting!! My very first blog post anywhere. Thank you Planet Thrive for the forum and opportunity. My name is Bernie and I found this site one night while I was very sick at around 2:30 in the morning in May 2013. I was very desperate, I had already known a bit about MCS, as I had been sick with it since January 2013. Now that I look back on it, it actually started about two and a half years previously, but was just more of an annoyance than anything else. I arrived here through Google, as I was trying to find out how to get better. I was so sick, I do not need to go into the details, those that utilize this site will l know what I am talking about.

What was really scaring me was I really did think I was going crazy, I was very afraid for my mental health and had already thought of going to the hospital, not the emergency but the separate section where you’re locked in and who knows when you get out. YIKES this was really getting bad. So through my research I found Planet Thrive member T-Can‘s blog “I believe MCS was a form of PTSD, at least for me.” Well, this really caught my eye as I had had full blown PTSD for over 10 years. As I read it, I for sure had a glimmer of hope and when you’re as sick and desperate as I was that was all that I needed. I was able to go back to sleep and ready to tackle this in the morning. There was HOPE!

So now that I knew what I was dealing with I embarked on a journey of healing. I had already been learning tapping since January, however had no real progress with it for MCS. What I thought I would like to try was this HAMR method, but it was so confusing, I just could not figure it out, and as my brain was so fuzzy from the MCS, I was really having a hard time with it. So if I have not already mentioned DESPERATE I will again because that is what propelled me to for my very first time in my life to contact someone online.

I have heard of all the dangers of meeting people online and have had many discussions with our son about this. I was kind of freaking out to make real live contact and with a man no less. T-Can must be just laughing and everyone else who knows him, as I have found him to be a kind, caring, and generous gentleman. Well T-Can took me on as a client and I will be forever grateful to him and Planet Thrive. We have worked together through the summer on the MCS. My recovery has been simply AMAZING!

I went from one day asking my husband to take me to the hospital when he got home to now being able to sit in his office typing away on his computer. This was just one of many rooms in my house that was badly affecting me. I am happy to report that I had gone from sitting in my bedroom by myself isolated with the door closed for at least 6 weeks, even eating meals all alone to now after only 3 months to sit here without hardly a thought of being sick. For those that do not know about MCS, please Google it. For those that personally know me, all I can say is this has been the battle of my life. I had thought PTSD was, and not to undermine anyone’s or even my own trauma of any sort, the whole incident with MCS for me was worse than the PTSD. That is saying a LOT because I had once been hospitalized for the PTSD for 10 days. Yes, MCS is that bad.

I am very happy to have gone from thoughts and plans of being homeless, just to get away from the chemicals to back to my normal life with my husband and son in our own home. My heart and prayers goes out to those that are homeless due to the MCS.

Again, thanks to Julie who is sick herself but manages to maintain this website to help others like myself get better and feel healthy again with any environmental illness. Very interesting how PTSD and MCS can be invisible. An idea for a future blog???

To my new friend T-Can, thank you just does not seem enough, you alone know what you have done for me. Tears of pure joy and happiness is all I can write as I start to cry. You really know how to help people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and so does my husband and son.

Tap away your troubles with T-Can!
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BernieB joined Planet Thrive in May 2013 and has since greatly healed her MCS by learning FasterEFT with T-Can, fellow Planet Thrive member and FasterEFT practitioner.


  1. Bee

    bernie, Congratulations!! I am thrilled to read how successful fasterEFT is proving to be for you, it is very encouraging and helps inspire me to continue tapping for myself. Great work! And fantastic achievements from T-Can too.. I hope to more wonderful hear updates too, Bee xx

  2. T-Can


  3. Klara

    hey guys, I am pretty new here. I have MCS since a few months and would like to give it a chance with fasterEFT. I did the level 1 course with Robert few years ago. I am tapping at home in the moment, but anyway I would like to move forward and take a few lessons with really experienced practitioner. I have 2 little kids and need my life back soooon!!!! i truly believe, that he or she could help me to sort out the mess of last months and i will be symptom free. could u recommend me someone, who does faster EFT sessions and knows MCS? otherwise thanx for creating this website and giving me hope. here in germany the illness is not known yet to doctors and the local forum is totally desperate – people being left without help, hope and treatment. thanks for sharing hope and light!!!!! we can do it!

  4. Stefan

    Hi T-Can.

    Any experience with EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity)?

    I also have a weird case of MCS where stuff in the air isn’t so bad, but I can wearing almost any fabrics on my body besides really old cotton.

    Are you taking on new patients?

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